Fairies and Fiddleheads

Are there occasions where you meet a food and your not sure if it’s from this planet?  I first heard of fiddleheads during some recipe browsing on pintrest last spring, however had never seen them up close and personal till this week at Wegmans.  After doing a double-take glance to make sure I wasn’t imagining these babies nestled next to the herbage area I made a big enough fuss of excitement to get my mom on board with trying out these little ferns too!  So after bringing them home we did what the random fellow Wegmans shopper told us to do, sauté them in with onions, salt and pepper.

Total Fairy Food.

Like, look at them!  They look like a vegetable from some fairy tale land or maybe another planet.


They are kind of like a cross between asparagus and okra, but if we want to get technical they are actually ferns!  After doing some “research”  I decided that these gems need another go, this time actually boiling them first before sautéing (apparently they are a carcinogen….?) and then adding some lemon or orange action to the party.


In other news, we can take pictures again!  Guess why.  There’s this thing called a smartphone and I exchanged my soul for one.  It’s been pretty fun..but I can already sense that it owns me…#letmetakeaselfie




Back Story:  Once upon several weeks ago, back in the era of Hersh, a nursling named myself decided puffy genie print pants were the next best thing aside from dansko shoes.  She’d been wistfully eyeing down a particular Etsy store out in the magical land of Oregon for a while and knew that those pants would therefore contain magic and hippie dust…which made her want them just that much more.  But she knew we can’t have everything we want.  But she also knew that she graduated in a few weeks and wasn’t planning on purchasing a new dress for the occasion so in a moment of spontaneity and rash youthful decision-making, she ordered the magic pants.  Sometimes you can have what you want.  And sometimes it’s delivered to your parents house where your mother thinks you’ve turned to witchcraft-ery or are suppressing secret desires to become a certain disney character or their genie.

Alrighty, well on that note here are some other fun visual aids to give you a taste of life on the home front so far:

*Photo courtesy of my sweet friend Catie who happened to come into Saints yesterday and whom I had the pleasure of serving!
Barista4EVER! I love my job so much. *Photo courtesy of my sweet friend Catie who happened to come into Saints yesterday and whom I had the pleasure of serving!
FOOD all the time everywhere. All the family’s home? Grocery store every other day.




















Don’t Forget the Tunes!  Here’s a “Listening Lately” List:

‘Dream In Blue’–The Stray Birds–> These guys are coming to Elk Creek Cafe on July 6th! Just so you know what we’re doing then.

‘Fables’–the Dodos

‘The Woman For Me’–Rayland Baxter

‘Solsbury Hill’–Peter Gabriel

‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High’ & ‘One for the Road’–Arctic Monkeys

‘Time To Run’–Lord Huron

The best part of the season. Beautiful magical fairy hikes. (These pics are from Shingletown Gap trail).


My buddy Evan found a perfect stone fort to camp in till dear Allie and I finished frolicking and shamelessly taking pictures 🙂 Sometimes I think I should be pinched for every photo I pollute nature with. But still do it anyways.