End Of The Line

End Of The Line–Hurray For The Riff Raff

I Know It’s Wrong (But That’s Alright)–Hurray For the Riff Raff

Broken Drum–Beck

Two weeks ago I took a little trip down to Pittsburgh for some nursey interviews (really channeled my inner Schrute for these)





During Interview:

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Post Interview:











Interview day ended on a fantastic note because I wound up playing music with pals in a lovely city on a lovely night!  It was so nice to get out on a little solo trip by myself, just to spend time driving alone is kind of therapeutic.  Had some great times, musical reunion, great breakfast food, wonderful live music with none other than Mr. Jeff Tweedy (who as good as his music is, wasn’t the most polite stage character, but we all have those days I suppose!) and Trampled By Turtles 🙂

What else is new? First, there is one thing I’m pretty sure about regarding the flow of late college/early adult life is that either nothing is happening at all or everything is happening all at once.  (is it a thing to call yourself a ‘baby adult’? Because that’s the term I think would communicate my human status right now).  I went on a short dip into the ‘nothing at all’ category after graduation and was basically just waiting around to get my authorization to schedule my NCLEX test date.  But one fated night I received The Email=Ready. Set. Chaos.  Scheduled the test, realized I had no recollection of how studying occurs and realized I had a sensation not unlike that feeling of being strapped into a roller coaster that your friends are making you ride because they think you need to get over your intense fear of amusement parks.  And the roller coaster people are checking your seatbelt and you are looking up at them with pleading eyes to release you from the self-inflicted terror trip, but too late duckie!  You’re in.  And it’s going straight uphill.  And it’s the uphill before the straight downhill that makes me sick with disorganized terror, the anticipation of falling off the drop is like canned panic.


Thanks to group text, I’ve been able to communicate with the post-Hersh nursing school world and share sentiments with equally “fine” pre-NCLEX nurslings.  In fact, one of them-my sweet roommate from months past, took great sympathy on my increasingly erratic emotional windstorms and ended up driving down to State College last week for a little QT and therapy sesh.  Spending time with her again was kind of like drinking water after chewing desert sand.  She’s a gem.  I sometimes think of ways to kidnap her.  #RedFlag..?


SPEAKING of chewing rocks-that is what I told my dentist I did when they showed me an X-ray of my molars riddled with microscopic fractures last week.  Turns out I was the only one joking and they began to seriously evaluate me for pica  to which I realized a little late in the game and had to clarify with them that I did not in fact chew rocks in my spare time.  Turns out my teeth are ticking time bombs due to severe jaw clenching over the past few years.  It’s like I was in nursing school or something.

On an even sillier note, I’m enjoying some Jenna Marbles–>

What A Girl’s Hair Means

What A Girl’s Makeup Means

2014-06-10 08.54.35

2014-06-10 08.56.50 2014-06-10 08.57.56 2014-06-10 09.03.23 2014-06-10 09.06.14 20140606_212826 20140606_213000 20140607_131540 20140608_202437

Have a Wednesday!


*Thank you pintrest, and tumblr for any picture that moved and this last artsy one.

Fairies and Fiddleheads

Are there occasions where you meet a food and your not sure if it’s from this planet?  I first heard of fiddleheads during some recipe browsing on pintrest last spring, however had never seen them up close and personal till this week at Wegmans.  After doing a double-take glance to make sure I wasn’t imagining these babies nestled next to the herbage area I made a big enough fuss of excitement to get my mom on board with trying out these little ferns too!  So after bringing them home we did what the random fellow Wegmans shopper told us to do, sauté them in with onions, salt and pepper.

Total Fairy Food.

Like, look at them!  They look like a vegetable from some fairy tale land or maybe another planet.


They are kind of like a cross between asparagus and okra, but if we want to get technical they are actually ferns!  After doing some “research”  I decided that these gems need another go, this time actually boiling them first before sautéing (apparently they are a carcinogen….?) and then adding some lemon or orange action to the party.


In other news, we can take pictures again!  Guess why.  There’s this thing called a smartphone and I exchanged my soul for one.  It’s been pretty fun..but I can already sense that it owns me…#letmetakeaselfie




Back Story:  Once upon several weeks ago, back in the era of Hersh, a nursling named myself decided puffy genie print pants were the next best thing aside from dansko shoes.  She’d been wistfully eyeing down a particular Etsy store out in the magical land of Oregon for a while and knew that those pants would therefore contain magic and hippie dust…which made her want them just that much more.  But she knew we can’t have everything we want.  But she also knew that she graduated in a few weeks and wasn’t planning on purchasing a new dress for the occasion so in a moment of spontaneity and rash youthful decision-making, she ordered the magic pants.  Sometimes you can have what you want.  And sometimes it’s delivered to your parents house where your mother thinks you’ve turned to witchcraft-ery or are suppressing secret desires to become a certain disney character or their genie.

Alrighty, well on that note here are some other fun visual aids to give you a taste of life on the home front so far:

*Photo courtesy of my sweet friend Catie who happened to come into Saints yesterday and whom I had the pleasure of serving!
Barista4EVER! I love my job so much. *Photo courtesy of my sweet friend Catie who happened to come into Saints yesterday and whom I had the pleasure of serving!
FOOD all the time everywhere. All the family’s home? Grocery store every other day.




















Don’t Forget the Tunes!  Here’s a “Listening Lately” List:

‘Dream In Blue’–The Stray Birds–> These guys are coming to Elk Creek Cafe on July 6th! Just so you know what we’re doing then.

‘Fables’–the Dodos

‘The Woman For Me’–Rayland Baxter

‘Solsbury Hill’–Peter Gabriel

‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High’ & ‘One for the Road’–Arctic Monkeys

‘Time To Run’–Lord Huron

The best part of the season. Beautiful magical fairy hikes. (These pics are from Shingletown Gap trail).


My buddy Evan found a perfect stone fort to camp in till dear Allie and I finished frolicking and shamelessly taking pictures 🙂 Sometimes I think I should be pinched for every photo I pollute nature with. But still do it anyways.

DIY Auditory Journaling

Every time I’ve started a blog post this past week I’ve bored myself by the third sentence, shut the computer and found some cereal. There’s just a whole lot of nothing to talk about and I think you get my drift.  If life were swimming strokes I’d be doing the freestyle crawl now, not as chill as breast stroke but not pre-concussion backstroke (although I could be in backstroke and not realize some wall is a lot closer than I’d anticipated! Ugh I hope that is not the case) or the desperate flail of “butterfly” (umm I’ve got to ask if the person who named the “butterfly stroke” ever actually saw a butterfly.  If they had I’d think they’d notice that butterflies are seemingly a lot calmer in flight than a human trying to imitate them in the water).

On another note this October is the anniversary of my monthly spotify playlists!  One year ago to this day I started making a monthly playlist reflecting that particular month in songs I’d listened to, discovered, or just that matched the times.  In a way it’s a musical version of journaling!  I’ve never been super enthusiastic about writing down my thoughts because, frankly I’m lazy and don’t feel the burning desire to write to myself.  I do write none-sending letters though, which might be the same thing except I like the freedom of writing to someone without any apprehension about what I’m saying.  Meh, whatever I’ve gone off the rails—BUT I do encourage you to write letters without sending them (unless you really want to)  to anyone, (especially God, actually writing letters to God is one of my favorite ways to talk with Him).  OK now back to the Musical Journaling!  Musical journals by month are really fun and cool because you can go back to a certain month and “hear” how you felt instead of reading your words.  Maybe that song was a better indicator of your emotional weather than you’re words would’ve been.  Try it this lovely October!

Want some samples of my 2012 October?? Ha, probably not, but play along 😉

Missing Pieces–Jack White

Sea Above, Sky Below–Dirty Three

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together–none other than the Taylor Swift…! Come one, let me have it.

Samson–Regina Spektor


Just wrapped up September 2013 yesterday with ‘Amsterdam’ by Gregory Alan Isakov.  Normally Mr. Isakov’s music appears in high doses from mid-October through early December, with a pick up again in January to late March.

I’ve gone crazy, couldn’t you tell? Threw stones at the stars but the whole sky fell.  —Favorite line of favorite Isakov song.

Wellll, I guess I’ll throw out some visual now too?  We’ll start with some of our favorite pre-nurses at the Color Run.  More accurately know as:  The Dirty Hersh!





Team (Domico Men) Golden Bears are having a rockin’ season!



Sisterly Love is in season 😉 as always! Along with a solid chaser of crazy.


The Dirty Hersh Crew found a new relative in Burnham PA.  Cousin Pedro and his questionably cheap (but good!?) burritos.

Muchos Gracias.



Too bad we didn’t have any jordan almonds to “snack” on for the car ride home! (please understand this, yes it’s a problem but Bridesmaids is too real life in nursing camp!)  Let’s just say we were all very….gastrointestinally-cautious after waving “adios!” to Cousin Pedro.  Turned out we can visit our dear cousin again 🙂


Maple-Flavored Auditory Decadence

I love Fall.  How cliche I know-but really, just this past week we had a few “Autumn Preview” days where the air was clear, slightly windy, but crisp with the sun shining through aged green leaves.  You know that sound dryer leaves make when the wind rustles through them?  It’s probably one of the main sounds I associate with Fall, and I finally heard the prelude to the sound a few days ago.  Not quite Fall leaves yet, still in a late summer feel, but there is a definite push going on here for Autumn weather upon us.  Different seasons generally bring a certain musical preference on the front burner for me (does that happen for you? Tell me what your ideal Fall Soundtrack is!)

Here’s some maple candy for your ears 😉

You Ain’t No Sailor –Marcus Mumford  (and when he says “Kate” he actually means “Rebecca”) This one sung me to sleep last night, loveliness.

Wagon Wheel –Old Crow Medicine Show  (go sit on the porch with your banjo)

Welcome Home –Radical Face

Glory –Radical Face  (takes a while to pick up but at about 2:30 you’re there)

Roll Away Your Stone  –Mumford & Sons


Banjolin Song –Mumford & Sons

Winter Winds –Mumford & Sons  (While listening to this one, I’m mentally frolicking around in a field, and tossing grass up in the air, like the one they’re walking in-best part at 2:32.  Don’t tell me this song doesn’t make you want to kick some leaves around!)

Nothing is Written –Mumford & Sons (One that is not on their current album unfortunately but luckily we can still listen to it. Again, all’s great here, but if you’re crunched for time at lease listen to 3:15 onwards)

Sigh No More –Mumford & Sons (hard to pick just one of their songs to be my favorite but I think if you asked me right now it would be this one.  On an average day it’s definitely in the top 3. Particularly 1:50 onwards.  It’s a sunshine on your face/running through a sunny woods sort of song.)

Thumper (From The Wedding Band)–Mumford & Sons (skip shuffle-friendly fiddling going on here at 2:48…)

Rosie –The Young Dubliners

Yes, there are probably tons of other Autumn-Songs that are not by Mumford & Sons-that’s your job! Tell me about them pretty please.

Though I hope you recognize the auditory decadence that is Marcus Mumford’s voice, which your ears are privileged to hear.

In summary, if you happen to see me skipping down the street wearing these $4.00! fiddler shoes, chances are I’m listening to one of these.

Can’t wait for scarves. And worn-looking woodsy green jackets. And coconut chai tea (actually there’s no waiting for that-it’s sitting right in front of me 😉  )

Enchanted Gardens

Arboretum (noun)-a place where trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants are cultivated for scientific and educational purposes. (thank’s Merriam!)

Sure, that would be a cardboard answer but what it really is: an enchanted garden that transforms the visitor into their choice magical being-it usually turns me into a princess or a princess in disguise (depending on what I’m wearing).

I hope you all get to visit an Enchanted Garden someday.

Care for some garden music?

Claire de Lune –Debussy

Paradise –coldplay

See You Soon–coldplay

Secret Life of Daydreams –Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack

Nocturne in E Flat Major, Op.9 No.2  –Frederic Chopin