Coconut Date Bars (and musical musings)

I never feed you anymore.

ehhh sorry about that. I ate your food for you.

Here are some energy bars to tie you over till the next batch of muffins or assortment of roasted plants 🙂

Bar 1:

Coconut Bars (find the recipe at Chocolate Covered Katie!)


Bar 2:

Coconut Date Bars
1 cup pitted dried dates
1 cup almonds
1 cup dried cranberries
3/4-1 cup unsweetened coconut
1/2 cup green pumpkin seeds
*drizzle of honey if the mixture is too dry, depending on the dates and cranberries to hold it together and sometimes they just need a little help from the bees.
Blend all ingredients in a food processer till finely ground, adding honey if mixture is too dry (crumbling and unable to be molded into the pan).  Then press into a pan and refrigerate for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight.  Slice into bars in the morning-ta da!

Other News:

It’s that time of year again, you know, when your professors send you a bunch of emails smack in the beginning-middle of summer about all the stuff you need to master and obtain before the semester starts? Tell  Consequentially kickstarting a severe relapse of PTSD (brought to you by: “Nursing School! Junior Year Med-Surg”) and actually cradle your head in your hands squeezing your eyes shut to stop the assault of email on the screen.  Thank You Thursday!

On the upside I was thinking about all my nursing buddies yesterday and getting real happy that they exist and are fabulous.  They are one of the biggest reasons I am able to almost look forward to next semester because I know they will be there and talkin’ up sunshine and roses even when it feels like there aren’t enough band-aids to go around.  ❤
Now for something a little different.
I want to know if you have a “music video” playing in your head when you listen to certain songs?  I do this with most tunes and maybe that’s why I’m a bit of an ipod junkie (it’s as necessary to my purse as my phone).  So today I thought I’d fill your eyes and time up with more of my brain drain tonight in giving you not only auditory sampling BUT including some visuals to go along.  (encouraging you to see your own “videos” too!)
Driving home last night I was listening to ‘Congratulations’ by Blue October & Imogen Heap.  Here’s the story!
Congratulations–Blue October & Imogen Heap
–> One of my favorites to “see” while listening! I usually imagine the setting of the scene being at a wedding, but the camera is following two guests at the wedding and the bride&groom mainly being in the background.  The two know eachother but have a frustrated background maybe ex-BFs (sorry kids, boy-girl best friend action is platonic dillusion.  Learn it early!) OK so these guys are clearly avoiding eachother throughout the whole wedding deal because of some unsaid rift.  Throughout the event the camera focuses in on each of them periodically, just in a moment when they are stealing a questioning glance at the other, the camera flashes back to a memory they have of that person.  This goes on back and forth between both of them and the memories start as good then end in whatever caused the rift. Here’s where I switch around…sometimes the ending is one of them leaving the wedding reception after congradulating the bride and groom, they walk out to their car and the other suddenly runs out and….well you know! That’s the happy ending.  Alternate ending is they leave seperately with one of them visibly happy and having a good time with someone else and the other leave alone but not necessarily sad, their demeanor is complacent unsaid “congratulations” to the other for finding what they wanted.
Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees things when they plug their earbuds in.
Happy Thursday Darlin’ !