Maple-Flavored Auditory Decadence

I love Fall.  How cliche I know-but really, just this past week we had a few “Autumn Preview” days where the air was clear, slightly windy, but crisp with the sun shining through aged green leaves.  You know that sound dryer leaves make when the wind rustles through them?  It’s probably one of the main sounds I associate with Fall, and I finally heard the prelude to the sound a few days ago.  Not quite Fall leaves yet, still in a late summer feel, but there is a definite push going on here for Autumn weather upon us.  Different seasons generally bring a certain musical preference on the front burner for me (does that happen for you? Tell me what your ideal Fall Soundtrack is!)

Here’s some maple candy for your ears 😉

You Ain’t No Sailor –Marcus Mumford  (and when he says “Kate” he actually means “Rebecca”) This one sung me to sleep last night, loveliness.

Wagon Wheel –Old Crow Medicine Show  (go sit on the porch with your banjo)

Welcome Home –Radical Face

Glory –Radical Face  (takes a while to pick up but at about 2:30 you’re there)

Roll Away Your Stone  –Mumford & Sons


Banjolin Song –Mumford & Sons

Winter Winds –Mumford & Sons  (While listening to this one, I’m mentally frolicking around in a field, and tossing grass up in the air, like the one they’re walking in-best part at 2:32.  Don’t tell me this song doesn’t make you want to kick some leaves around!)

Nothing is Written –Mumford & Sons (One that is not on their current album unfortunately but luckily we can still listen to it. Again, all’s great here, but if you’re crunched for time at lease listen to 3:15 onwards)

Sigh No More –Mumford & Sons (hard to pick just one of their songs to be my favorite but I think if you asked me right now it would be this one.  On an average day it’s definitely in the top 3. Particularly 1:50 onwards.  It’s a sunshine on your face/running through a sunny woods sort of song.)

Thumper (From The Wedding Band)–Mumford & Sons (skip shuffle-friendly fiddling going on here at 2:48…)

Rosie –The Young Dubliners

Yes, there are probably tons of other Autumn-Songs that are not by Mumford & Sons-that’s your job! Tell me about them pretty please.

Though I hope you recognize the auditory decadence that is Marcus Mumford’s voice, which your ears are privileged to hear.

In summary, if you happen to see me skipping down the street wearing these $4.00! fiddler shoes, chances are I’m listening to one of these.

Can’t wait for scarves. And worn-looking woodsy green jackets. And coconut chai tea (actually there’s no waiting for that-it’s sitting right in front of me 😉  )