Surgical Tool: The ipod.

Do you feel like a windshield when you run? Sometimes yes. Did yo feel like one today? Yes. Why is that? Well, It had something to do with my right eyeball swallowing a gnat, running to the nearest bathroom with my hand clawing at my eyeball (to the horror of onlookers) and my facial expression contorted into the vision of sweaty hot panicking anger. I hated knowing that it’s disgusting little body was wedged somewhere in my face, regardless if I felt it or not. Oh no, I didn’t doubt the gnat-killing power of my lysozyme but I wanted it OUT. After stumbling into the bathroom I discovered the creature wedged in the crest of muscles towards my nose. EW EW EW EW EW! Inside I was panicking and super grossed out, but on the exterior I pulled myself into a ‘you’ll see much worse than this so suck it up and deal’ mindset and using the plug-in part of my ear phones I dug that wretched gnat out of my eye. You’re adequately grossed out now? Good, go to sleep.