The Breeze

I don’t know how your natural ceiling looked like monday night but I was mezmerized during my 7:00 walk back to my apartment from the hospital by the most brilliant sunset.  It’s colors were so distinct and deep! There are plenty of beautiful softly-colored sunsets that have a nice hazy look to them but this one looked almost liquid.  Directly over my head was actual navy-colored night sky speckled with some winking stars, and far off in the distance the navy was slit and leaking orange, yellow and rose.  I have to hand it to Hershey here, they have pretty choice sunsets.

Queue The National.

This evening I thought we’d share some fall things (like every other blog on the blogosphere now!) But it’s fun. So we will do it anyway!


First we have the soundtrack:

You’re probably sick of hearing me talk about him but Gregory Alan Isakov is still the guy for this time of year. Can’t get away, so here are some more of the same stuff I threw at you a few weeks ago:

Amsterdam–Gregory Alan Isakov

Autumn Fallin’–Jaymay

When I Walked Into the House–Future Historians (can’t find a youtube for this but definitely check it out on spotify or something!)

Wonder Why–Vetiver

Superman–Lazlo Bane

Sweater Weather–The Neighbourhood

Empire Waist–Halloween, Alaska

The Breeze–Dr. Dog

Ghost–Folly and the Hunter

Annabelle–Gillian Welch

And Food

White Bean and Chicken Chili–another Giada gem here.  After trying this recipe once I knew it was a freezer need, so now another batch is waiting in the ice chamber for the week where I shut down and forget how to cook.  A+ you should definitely try this.  From the What-It’s-Worth Dept. I used turkey instead of chicken and in the second batch I used kidney beans instead of white beans.  Sky didn’t fall, and it’s still delicious.

Apple Dumplings–this is my Grandpa’s recipe for them and nothing beats the cinnamon/sugar seeping into the tiny crevices between the apple slices.   It is crucial to the deliciousness of this recipe that you use one of those apple spin-slicer gadgets.  Ask the wisest kitchen wizards you know, they probably have one.


Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread--This is the keystone pumpkin bread recipe in my family, my mom discovered it in a Cooking Light magazine several years ago and it’s been golden ever since.  Sometimes I use whole wheat flour with the white flour (such as 2 cups whole wheat, 1 cup white or whatever you feel like).  I’ve used applesauce instead of oil (if you care to try that short of thing) in this and it actually didn’t taste different, which is nice because then you can eat the whole thing right?

Olivia’s Pumpkin Bread–this recipe is from my friend Olivia (didn’t see that coming did ya?!) who made this bread last week and therefore had her apartment and extended apartment (the people who just show up whenever they please just to drink their wine in her kitchen while one of her roommates may or may not be obliviously showering and unaware of the crazy neighbor who bypassed the locked front door….we’re very comfortable here.) all show up for several nights and mornings just to eat ourselves into blissful pumpkin coma.

3 1/2 cups whole wheat flour

1/4 tsp baking powder

2 tsp baking soda

1 1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp allspice

1 tsp cinnamon

3 cups brown sugar

1 cup vegetable oil

4 eggs

2 (15oz) cans pumpkin

1 Tablespoon vanilla

Mix all the dry ingredients, set aside, then mix the pumpkin, oil, vanilla, and eggs together.  Add this to the dry mixture and stir just till combined.  Pour in 2 greased loaf pans and bake at 350 for 50-60 minutes.


‘Blue Like Jazz’ (yes I’m sure the book is great too and I would like to read it someday, but definitely give this movie a shot regardless if you’ve read the book or not!) this is a good one to watch alone, but I’m sure it’s certainly enjoyable with others too.

Ruby Sparks-it’s a good night-in movie to watch with your buddies, it’s a nice combo of light-hearted, a bit fantastical but the themes are pretty relatable and interesting to talk about.

Lord of the Rings–all these movies are choice cold-night-in movies and sometimes you just need something epic, ya know? I crave an epic story/film the way I crave sugar.  Yes, I must hang my head low and admit I’ve never actually read the books (i’m not a true LOTR fan..Sorry). But doesn’t take my enjoyment away from watching a good story on film.  Sometimes we just have to see a good guy win against crazy impossible odds.  Ah, now I all I want to do is re-enact the battle of Helm’s Deep with a blanket fort.

Actually that’s not true, what I really want to do is practice creeping up on my roommates and rasp-ily whispering “they stole it from us!! We make’s them crawl.” Until they tell me I’m to remain in my room until I can act like a human.  Sometimes we just need a little time-out to remember we do not live in a mythical land and are not possessed by an evil ring.  Like once a week.

DIY Auditory Journaling

Every time I’ve started a blog post this past week I’ve bored myself by the third sentence, shut the computer and found some cereal. There’s just a whole lot of nothing to talk about and I think you get my drift.  If life were swimming strokes I’d be doing the freestyle crawl now, not as chill as breast stroke but not pre-concussion backstroke (although I could be in backstroke and not realize some wall is a lot closer than I’d anticipated! Ugh I hope that is not the case) or the desperate flail of “butterfly” (umm I’ve got to ask if the person who named the “butterfly stroke” ever actually saw a butterfly.  If they had I’d think they’d notice that butterflies are seemingly a lot calmer in flight than a human trying to imitate them in the water).

On another note this October is the anniversary of my monthly spotify playlists!  One year ago to this day I started making a monthly playlist reflecting that particular month in songs I’d listened to, discovered, or just that matched the times.  In a way it’s a musical version of journaling!  I’ve never been super enthusiastic about writing down my thoughts because, frankly I’m lazy and don’t feel the burning desire to write to myself.  I do write none-sending letters though, which might be the same thing except I like the freedom of writing to someone without any apprehension about what I’m saying.  Meh, whatever I’ve gone off the rails—BUT I do encourage you to write letters without sending them (unless you really want to)  to anyone, (especially God, actually writing letters to God is one of my favorite ways to talk with Him).  OK now back to the Musical Journaling!  Musical journals by month are really fun and cool because you can go back to a certain month and “hear” how you felt instead of reading your words.  Maybe that song was a better indicator of your emotional weather than you’re words would’ve been.  Try it this lovely October!

Want some samples of my 2012 October?? Ha, probably not, but play along 😉

Missing Pieces–Jack White

Sea Above, Sky Below–Dirty Three

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together–none other than the Taylor Swift…! Come one, let me have it.

Samson–Regina Spektor


Just wrapped up September 2013 yesterday with ‘Amsterdam’ by Gregory Alan Isakov.  Normally Mr. Isakov’s music appears in high doses from mid-October through early December, with a pick up again in January to late March.

I’ve gone crazy, couldn’t you tell? Threw stones at the stars but the whole sky fell.  —Favorite line of favorite Isakov song.

Wellll, I guess I’ll throw out some visual now too?  We’ll start with some of our favorite pre-nurses at the Color Run.  More accurately know as:  The Dirty Hersh!





Team (Domico Men) Golden Bears are having a rockin’ season!



Sisterly Love is in season 😉 as always! Along with a solid chaser of crazy.


The Dirty Hersh Crew found a new relative in Burnham PA.  Cousin Pedro and his questionably cheap (but good!?) burritos.

Muchos Gracias.



Too bad we didn’t have any jordan almonds to “snack” on for the car ride home! (please understand this, yes it’s a problem but Bridesmaids is too real life in nursing camp!)  Let’s just say we were all very….gastrointestinally-cautious after waving “adios!” to Cousin Pedro.  Turned out we can visit our dear cousin again 🙂