The Autumn Immersion (and other Crazy Stuff)

The Weekend Nutshell:  A good time to just lay low and get ZERO work done.

Saturday was exactly what the doctor ordered (and the nurse suggested in the first place hehe).  It was perfectly overcast and slightly chilly, with storm clouds hanging around all day.  The right day to sleep late, get coffee for enjoyment rather than dependence, and a refreshing life-pause into the beautiful Fall day on a mountain trail.  Then, to top it off, a finale of rainstorms, food and drink with more pals, and choice film 😉


Birmingham–Shovels & Rope

Yes I’m Cold–Chris Bathgate 

Morning Time–The Brothers Comatose & Nicki Bluhm





A time for some food and good drink with pals:




Ok, now for some funnies:

These videos! And now the phrases “we’re gonna add some craaazy stuff” and “add the MILK!!” are part of the everyday sounds here.  Most often applied when we really are going to combine some crazy (GOOD) stuff..


Add the MILK…


What I did here was give you a very potent brilliant recipe for the best witches brew pumpkin spice latte of your life. 

You are welcome.

We’ve got Monday tomorrow-how’s your week looking?  Anyone planning on some Color Running next weekend? I know 4 Domicos and a bunch of pre-nurses running through some rainbow dust in a week and it’s going to be a fine unicorn time.


Welcome To Camp

Hang Me Up To Dry–Cold War Kids

Oh! Hello there, nice to be here on this little corner of the internet with you again.  Let me debrief you on some recent happenings!  First: This nut moved a wide 2-hours away from the Nest to Hershey, PA for a (hopefully) sweet finale to 4 years of life living in the circus show! (Also referred to as nursing school..I prefer the more descriptive title) Let me fully disclose I’ve been and continue to be a stubborn brat about the whole ordeal just because.   Cripes!  Rebecca!  You stayed in your hometown 3 extra years than necessary because it was easy (there were other incentives, but let’s be real,  I did take the “safe” route) and suddenly you’re throwing a hissy fit over having to move just 2 hours away for 7ish months?!?  Babies take longer to cook than you will be in Hershey.  It’s not like many other 20-something humans did this years ago and had to move somewhere they weren’t familiar with, PLUS many of them went much further than a  2-hour drive! Suck it up buttercup–welcome to the grandparents of Reality TV…real life!  Where we do things we don’t want to do like it’s our job, because often it IS.   And more often these things are privileges and blessings we don’t want because they come in forms we didn’t “order”.  Typical.

OK my rant-to-self is done, thanks for sticking by!

So! About a month ago I was academically abducted from my little space shuttle nest here:


……And went Nursing Camp!

Guys! We aren’t Kansas anymore…


The Stages of Denial

Photo on 2013-09-17 at 15.52 #5
Photo on 2013-09-17 at 15.50 #5
If I ignore the problem it will go away.
Photo on 2013-09-17 at 15.51 #3
I think you are a big liar. Talk to The Foot.
Photo on 2013-09-17 at 15.51 #5
No really, talk to it. I care not. You’re a major fibber.
Photo on 2013-09-17 at 15.51 #4
*entering realization phase*
Photo on 2013-09-17 at 15.52
*grumble growling*


Nursing Camp, (Hershey, PA) is essentially a small retirement community for 20-somethings in the middle of a corn field.  Hence the accurate description of the “campers” as:  Children of the Corn. 

There’s a hospital too.  A nice one!

Weekly Activities (Class Descriptions):

Med-Surg Round 2: ANNNDD there’s That Look again!

Professional Development (aka ‘Scary Story Night’): How many ways can you loose your license?! Calculators couldn’t handle the truth!

Mental Health: Where you realize you’re more suited to be a patient here than the professional. 





Nice to be seeing you again! Hope your September is swell.

It’s An R-V!

Remember Cousin Eddie?  I see this exact conversation happening at the future Domico Family Christmas..which Your’s Truly being the crazy bird parking their house in the yard 😉

Future Home:




Really on a camper/trailer home kick lately.  Honestly, I love the idea of going on an extended trip around the country of just living out of your van/home-on-wheels.



This 1977 Airstream Camper,  this remodeled school bus.

Oh gosh I want it.


Really lovin’ on the campers recently.  Maybe I’ll just get one of these and park it in front of the Convent  Hershey nursing apartments instead of paying rent…? hmmm table that idea…

ANYWAYS–>  Things We Like Today,

brought to you by:

“My Money Tree Is Dead”

An upcoming novel by The PSU Nursing Students 

This interview, definitely this interview.  Humbling reality check for all of us.

This song. One of those radio songs, at first you’re not really having it ya know? BUT it starts to creep up, bit by bit….till one day you find yourself sitting in traffic too long and suddenly your head’s a-boppin’ and before you know it your really giving the neighbor cars a show.

This blog post by Joy The Baker, sometimes I wish I had the magic recipe for instant blog success too–but turns out blogs are successful when they are written only out of enjoyment and dedication of the author.

This essential oil.  I’m getting the sniffles and have been sprinkling it on a rag to sleep with at night (is that odd?  I’m sleeping with an old rag doused in eucalyptus like a baby blanket.  No shame.  I didn’t even tell you about”Scruffy”.

This zucchini bread from Smitten Kitchen, made my my darling roommate-mother person-returned-from-Wild-Africa, The Peanut Butter Jar! This recipe was a staple in our apartment this year.  Days immediately got a little sparklier when I’d come home to the smell of her baking (anything!) this ❤ sweetness.

This party!   from Delightfully Tacky.  What a cool idea for girls who have enough clothes to dress the state of Texas but still want to shake things up with new looks!  You get to hang out with your ladies, eat tastiness, drink fun, you leave with a full shopping bag AND all your $$$.  Yes Pleeeze.

This hair dye–after rolling in regret for dying my hair crazy red all year and living with the consequences of having hair the same color at zits after the intense red wore off I told Sister Claire to never ever let me do such a foolhardy thing again.  No more dying hairs!  I actually love my natural color, light ashy brown with real golden streaking, and don’t really understand how I convinced myself to dye it in the first place.  Unfortunately the post-red hair is pretty unappealing and I really missed being a brunette.  So today I got some crazy back, was careful to sneak around Claire (who to her credit, is very diligent about protecting me from too much of myself and my spontaneous nuttiness) and dyed my hair with the Natural Instincts Light Brown Brass-Free color.  The thing I can’t stand with dying my hair is that no matter the shade I’ve always had those nasty reddish brassy undertones that just scream “cheap-o not-natural-at-all”.  Going back to brown I really really didn’t want any of that and thought I’d have to just deal with it as a unavoidable side effect of DIY hair color.  Found this “brass-free” dye and was skeptical, but figuring I already expected the worst I went ahead and tried it out. The results were so much better than I’d expected! It was EXACTLY the color I wanted but didn’t expect to get!  The brass was way not an issue, and the brown turned out very close to my root shade.  I’m on a roll with these great hair decisions!  Bangs, brunette….who knows what’s next (this is next!)  I really just want my hair to stay brown/grow back into it’s natural brown and grow out to the middle of my back.  This will probably take years.

Happy Saturday!


(all photos: thank you Pintrest)