Pretzel Day

Do you remember how Stanley feels about Pretzel Day?


I’m all in with him. There are few things that get my German half as giddy as a fresh soft pretzel+mustard+beer (about 1/2 of a bottle because then I’m done and want to move on to whiskey). And you know what kind of pretzel/mustard I’m talking about.  the salty/shiny thick crunch dark blanket of crust over a soft chewy hunk of hot dough…..yeah.  I need to take off my sweater now.

And as for mustard, it has to be that super grainy/mustard seed stuff.  None of that yellow glue. Last night my sleeping wish was that it wouldn’t snow and that I’d get called off work.  Of course I really didn’t expect either to happen and wasn’t really leaning on those but low and behold BOTH arrived at 5am this morning!!!


So I got up with the Sweet Jon-Athan and we had some early morning coffee and after he left I got myself all snugged in my bowl-chair and bathrobe, and continued to caffeinate while doing a little Bible study time.

A picture of me between 6am and 10am today.  Sent to the sweet man who worked.

(don’t get me wrong here, this is day 2 of an earnest attempt to do so actual Bible readin’ (I’m doing this study and trying this devotional /I really it feels like school but it does get me to spill my crazy beans out to God more than I normally would so all in all, probably something that I could do a little more often.  We will see how long this 2 day steak lasts.  My guess is till tomorrow because then I actually have to work and it will be too easy to take 0% of what I read and prayed for into real challenging life and I will then need to start back on square one on Friday.)

So yeah the sky didn’t open and dump winter diarrhea all over Pittsburgh!! PLUS I totally didn’t have to go into work and it was glorious and I felt like the kid who found out school was canceled and they thought it was a dream but it was real!

So after snuggling with coffee and light snow outside I decided I had to bake something.  Now, I’m trying to cut back on sugar baking because I just end up eating way too much of it and Jonathan is giving up sweets for Lent, and he is one of my very favorite people to make sweet stuff for so if he won’t eat it…well it’s just not as much fun (and I actually just eat all of it then).  So I got over my yeast-fear and bumped out some homemade soft pretzels.  Not gonna brag but…guys Auntie Anne has nothin’ on me. I got this pretzel thing down like…well like I flushed it down the toilet.  But I want to draw any connotation between my pretzels and the toilet apart now so lets move on!

Here is the recipe I used. It was so much easier than I’d anticipated and way fun!  Like I never really wish I had kids around me (I usually just want a baby to cuddle and love and squeeze, but I’ve never found myself craving a toddler or young elementary school-er.  However I know people who have these and they say they are pretty great so I’ll say they must know something.  The point is, this activity made me want kiddos to roll dough with.  I’ve told Jonathan before that I wish I could rent babies like books from the library and just love and squeeze them for a bit but then give them back (and he always gives me a look of concern mixed with “umm well that is currently a crime” sort of blurb) but this activity found within me a desire to rent an 8 year old.  That sounds kind of horrible to type, sorry but you know what I mean!  I’d like to borrow my own 8 year old for a few hours today but not forever quite yet.  Ok? ok.

Make these soon and smother them with delicious condiments.


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