Weekday Funday

Last night Jonathan asked me what I was planning on doing today.  Despite trying to make my “schedule” sound different than every other weekday when I’m not waking up at 4:50am he still caught on that my only plan was to get out of bed before 10am and move enough to prevent a DVT.


Honestly, what I do on my off-days can get pretty varied.  A few examples include:

  1. Picking fights with mommy groups at the local coffee shop
  2. Contemplating homicide in the target makeup section towards a fellow customer whose condescending tone of voice I didn’t appreciate while asking me to move when I was already squashed against the side of the aisle.
  3. Having kahlua and ice cream for lunch
  4. Calling to schedule routine maintenance on my car and when the mechanic asks me what exactly I want done I say “Umm, like whatever you would do for a regular car check-up” As if I was scheduling an appt. with the pediatrician.  Basically I’m taking the Subaru to get it’s booster shots right?
  5. Trying new pintrest and youtube remedies for my disgusting ingrown toenails.  TMI maybe, BUT– look at this deepening of our friendship getting to know each other!  Now you know I have really painful ingrown toenails. Your turn to share.  Spill the beans!  For now I will just assume you have regular yeast infections.
  6. Cooking a TON of food.  I am so serious, like 2 main course things with a loaf of bread and probably brownies.
  7. Online shop because I’m still afraid to drive to the waterfront shops.  I actually buy stuff only about 10% of the time.  It’s all about filling the cart and then letting it go because you can’t justify buying more harem pants or peasant tops.


I am laying pengiun-belly down on my upstairs floor after attempting a yoga video by my online favorite yoga lady which really turned into a huge flop (literally and figuratively).  This was after mechanically schleping through one of those T25 workouts that felt…well just like that-mechanical and sort of useless.  Today is Sunday and for about a good 6 hours Jonathan has been carting my butt around town, watching my face pout and whimper during all the hymns at church then grouch about how I have no talents, no motivation, no desires or goals, no friends, skills….etc….whine whine whine…… all aboard the train of self-pity and insecurity.

Needless to say I’ve been a real pill lately.  I was on a medium-high for a few weeks and since Friday I’ve been treading water in the pool of anger, frustration that settled into re-visiting cranky insecurities, and some seasonal sadness.


Anyways, thank goodness for friend time (especially some QT with your fellow ENFPs!), patient husbands and sparkly work friends. I was talking with a friend the other day about some struggles with learning how to work with purpose.  It’s all very grey and I’ve been trying to focus on the reason I provide care to my patients, and how the goal of care I have is not for their appeasement.  It is to support them in their own goals for their health and the health of their child while providing education and resources.  It is to help them to reach wellness and be equipped to go forward into a very exciting and challenging chapter in their life.  This is a total can of worms to open so I’m not going to go all the way there.  But I will say that it is good to have a personal drive to do whatever you’re doing, even if it’s not about your actual job (maybe your drive is to support your family or something you love outside of your work).  During challenges it’s helpful to remember my own personal “drive”.  Which right now is to trust God’s ordinance for each day and “…To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” (last half of Micah 6:8).  Also to trust in Him that He is at work in my heart, that He is ‘hemming me in’ (Psalm 139). Sometimes that means to be greatly humbled, to admit to being wrong and hurtful, to stand up for myself and others, to change my perception of something/someone, to practice gratitude, to remembering God’s own mercy towards me when I become frustrated and unloving towards others—and bringing it full circle we’re back to being humbled!   Ta da!

I saw a decorative quote on pinterest (of course) that I’ve thought of often at work when I have to re-center on why I am doing anything.


But that’s all the serious for now!   Whew, thank goodness this isn’t the past 2 novella posts right?? To be perfectly honest this was about to be a soup recipe post but then I started tumblr-ing.  You’ll totally get soup with the next one!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Postpartum Nurse Comic Strip eh?

 Getting to work and finding a seat at the nurses station to look at the Baby Forecast and then going out to lasso a COW (Computer On Wheels).


Welcoming my new admission to postpartum:


When you haven’t even clocked in or received report yet and one of your rooms calls the desk and ends up being a 7:00am condition C.


When the glucometer reads a baby’s blood sugar at 44…


Delivering the 3rd pack of similac formula to a room when you discover they’ve been calling for it from different nurses all day.


Using the blue phone during a sort-of-emergent thing, and realizing that not only does the patient not speak English, neither does the phone interpreter.


You walk into discharge a patient and they want a breast pump before they go (and haven’t told anyone till now)


Patient is refusing to go to discharge class:


Looking for anything in the re-organized supply room:


All New Mommas: (Bless your hearts, birthin’ babies is stressful!  But yes, sometimes you just need to get all those hormones out of your eyeballs.)


The Difference Between Breastfed Babies and Bottlefed Babies:



When you present your severely swollen/pain-filled patient with a hand-crafted ice-glove and/or an oxycodone:


(the above GIF is almost too real if you’ve ever seen me at work.  The hair and the eyes match.  Probably the explanation method too.)

When you ask a more experienced nurse to come assess bleeding with you (or when a newer nurse asks you to come double-check a patient)


How I feel about my sweet coworkers:


When I’m a big whiner and everyone puts up with me:


Thinking about past coworkers


Cheers babycakes! This one’s for you!


***Also it is pretty clear that every single image here minus the one of Yours Truly, and a kahlua sundae are not owned or created by me.  They are found and credited on tumblr and pinterest***Thanks!

One thought on “Weekday Funday

  1. I love you and your heart and humor. Also, all the yes to this: “…trust God’s ordinance for each day and “…To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

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