Museum of Flight

If I recall correctly, the last time we met up here the sun was shining over a sleepy late summer day.  We’ve had hiatuses before but I don’t think there has been a more eventful hiatus than this one.

The Raven’s Sun–Catherine MacLellan

There is no way to really give you the full painting of the past several months but let me share a few snapshots with you, I did end up getting a full-time nursing job at Magee-Women’s Hospital on their postpartum unit (I get to re-orient the mommas and nuggets after delivery.  Basically, I’m an apprentice breastfeeding wizard).  This happened after I signed myself onto a lease for an apartment…this is something I would never advice anyone doing and I am thanking my lucky stars I was saved from my own upside-down decision process there (you really shouldn’t sign any legal document binding you to pay $$ for a year to live in a place where you have no certainty of employment yet.  FYI)  But I did.  Something I didn’t really realize the riskiness of till after I had the job and then it hit me with a thousand ice cubes of post-realization thankfulness at being saved from some potential disaster.  WELL THEN, lesson learned and somehow I rolled out on the other side ok!  Thank the sweet goodness.  Since then I’ve nested into this apartment and grown some real OB nurse-backbone.  Really only in the past couple of weeks have I started feeling a little more capable in my nurse shoes which is a good feeling.  Not that I ever really think I know what to do but I do think I’m starting to be able to walk into work without total dread of what may happen.   Sometimes I walk in, get my assignment and just shrug my shoulders in an “it ain’t what it is but it do” attitude (and on some days I just stare at my paper and a train wreck flashes before my eyeballs because I already know how that next 12 hours is going to go, and it does go that way but it still comes to an end after those 12 hours.  Those days are just a 12 hour trip on the Hot Mess Express, usually with a side stop for a cup of tears in the supply closet).

The General Flow Now:


Me *trying to* make friends at the nurses station:

Charting the same stuff for the millionth time that shift:

The baby security band alarm goes off and now someone has to locate a nugget:

Changing the diaper of your freshly circumcised patient to find a minor penile hemorrhage:


(Finally!) seeing your super rude patient and their wack-attack mother walk off the floor after pulling teeth to get them discharged and as soon as they are out of the system they want a narcotic for the road:


Here’s something weirdfun, my pre-work musical cravings: Kanye, Mac Miller, and Cake.

Gold Digger/Gorgeous/Everything I Am–Kanye


Paper Planes–M.I.A.

Electric Feel–MGMT

No Sleep–Wiz Khalifa

The Distance–Cake

Devil’s Got My Woman–Andrew Combs

My realization last week:

tumblr_inline_nhu956SW8C1ql3o4g tumblr_inline_nhu95rWEF41ql3o4g


After a good shift with adorable mommas and nuggets:


After a train wreck shift knowing I have to return in less than 12 hours:


After every single shift:



SO there’s the nursey update 😉  Nurse Lyfe continues to entertain and grow me!


There’s something else.



Museum of Flight–Damien Jurado



Bet ya didn’t see that one coming! Neither did I.  

More on this later 😉

–Love, Rebecca

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