Windowpane Rain

Dear You,

What are you doing right now? It’s 10:19 Saturday night.  No, 10:20.  If you are trying to become flush with your bedroom floor giving gravity permission to push you as deeply into the carpet as it can then we are doing the exact same thing lovely!  Are you listening to Radiohead too?  Now sit up, cross your legs, and just let your top half sink forward and then your head.  Feel that floor magnet in the top of your head to the ground but don’t give in!  Just feel the pull of your head to the floor, with only your neck suspending it just above.  Ah. Just let that pendulum itself happy.

Fake Plastic Trees–Radiohead

Insomnia–Electric President

Chances are you are out doing exciting Saturday night things and I’m pumped for whatever that is and hope you’re having a blast.  Today was a much needed super chill day for Yours Truly, a day for sleeping in, coffee, walking over bridges, and admiring a new skyline through the unapologetic river-scented breeze.  All while being totally rain-baked 🙂 Yes, that’s the new term for that beautiful sleepy, doughnut-glazed-over feeling you get during these deliciously overcast days.  Waking up to the raindrops on your windowpane telling you that nothing is required today.  Nothing.  Go back to sleep darling, everything is exactly right.

Tennessee Blues–Bobby Charles

She’s A Jar–Wilco

May I share a few visuals of the new nest?  In case I have been so scatterbrained to inform you, I’ve relocated my fresh RN-self to the charming city of Pittsburgh, PA to work at Magee-Women’s Hospital for a little while to see if I’m cut out for the wide world of Ladies and Their Babies.  We shall see if I sink or swim but either way I’m sure it’ll sift me right to where I need to be eventually.  Maybe that’s not Magee, maybe that’s not OB nursing.  I hope it might be, or I wouldn’t be here, but it’s ok if it’s not.  Maybe I’ll finish out the trial period here and perhaps the times will indicate it’s time to swim back to State College and see if they’re looking or nurses there, or perhaps it’s time for Maine…! Someday, you and I will be sitting on the top of Cadillac Mountain eating tiny blueberries (with me silently hoping I remembered to lock the car doors where the rest of the snacks are…) I digress. Right now we are not eating blueberries on Cadillac Mountain.  We are excited to use our brand new shower lo0fa, just sitting on the destk with tags still on, that hasn’t made it to the shower quite yet.

Meet the New Nest:


Displaying 20140713_180226.jpg


And Now for the front yard…






The “front yard” is basically a castle garden. A magical Beauty and the Beast+Phantom of the Opera style escape from the urban sprawl.  With a little Pride & Prejudice thrown in there too.  To the muggles it’s known as the Allegheny Cemetery, hence the gravestones and such but I like it even more   so!  The area is so big, with a ton of walkways and many opportunities to find a spot and detox from the day.  More on this later, because I’m so tired right now that I’m about to fall off my chair.

Anyways, hope you had a lovely week, sending raindrops your way!

Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key–Billy Bragg, Wilco

Slow Slow Tune–My Morning Jacket

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