This Game

I can’t not share a playlist today.  Impending exams always bring out the best little odd behaviors…wearing neon orange yoga pants with purple lipstick and teasing my hair to the high heavens…. re-doing my nails 4 times then remembering I can’t have polish for clinical and stripping it off again.  My nails LOVE me. #Not.  Another thing I very much enjoy doing when I’m “studying” is spotify swim.

So without further talk I present the Community Exam I Study Soundtrack


Shaped Like a Gun–Verbena

Arms Like Boulders–The War On Drugs This might be in the top 3 songs I’m loving right now.  “You’re the kind to hide your eyes from the sun”

Take Me To Church–Hozier

Hopelessly Stoned–Hugo  This song is the essence of past-2:00am studying.  You feel wonky. 

Sweet Disposition (RAC Mix)–The Temper Trap, RAC

Ce Jeu–Yelle *cue the orange pants and purple lips! Why don’t I have her orange stripe-y bodysuit? and her fringy leg warmers…oh yes pleeze. I hate orange but sometimes I like being close to it. #KeepYourEnemiesClose

Harsh Realm–Windowspeak

Me & God–Trent Dabbs

Counting Sleep–Trent Dabbs

Anyways, hope you’re doing well! For your visual pleasure, and to show off my newly-aquired meme-making skills, AND to re-tell the beautiful tale of A Perfect Nurse-y Valentines Day we had here in the Hersh last Friday…




My friends put up with a lot.  Golden People.
My friends put up with a lot. Golden People.

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