Meet The Murses

It’s THEM! The unicorns of nursing, the legends indeed ARE true and magic IS real! Men are nurses too.  And really good one’s at that.  Let’s meet them!

The Boys Are Back In Town—Thin Lizzy

I present to you the Murses of Hersh.  (the next Dr. Suess classic!)


Photo Credit: The Fantastic Miss Olivia

You got a whiff of my growing pre-nostalgia for this time in nursling-ville in the last post, so this is a little spin off.  Only once in a blue moon do so many nut cases end up in the same fruit basket at the same time! Nursing friends are a lot like the actual show ‘Friends’, you’ve got at least one of each character.  So while on this cloud why not introduce you to some of them?  You’ll meet some more nurslings soon but today is dedicated to those who prevent Hersh from going into 100% estrogen intoxication 🙂

Thank you pintrest




Photo on 2014-01-21 at 19.33 #2


Photo on 2014-01-21 at 19.34 #2



I imagine it’s not always easy to be surrounded by women 24/7 but these guys seem to handle it with flair.  And on that note I tip my hat to them!

Those lucky guys surrounded by hilarious sassy ladies.


You Make My Dreams–Hall and Oates


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