Class Clown

Tennis Court–Lorde

Little Numbers–BOY


Back in the tropics of Pennsylvania,

The Dearest Dirtiest Hersh ❤

It’s notable that I can even type a “<3”! Must be growing a gnarly, yet endearing, root in my cold heart.  So yes, the nurslings are back in their habitat!



And after the realization that yet another semester is upon us, full of undone work, it helps to just take a deep sigh and dance it out in your kitchen.  yeah you! pull out the remains of that salsa+samba you learned in freshman ballroom101 and mix it up with a little of your own overly enthusiastic dance moves…wah la! You’ve got yourself a pretty solid 1 Man Show for any roommates happening to walk in.


This post is full of super instagram-ish selfies as you probably already figured out, sorry guys it’s totally overkill but let me have this one if only for the most wonderful clothing piece I’ve recently come to cherish.  Thank you internet thrifting.

I made fun of my sister all through Christmas break for getting a pair of Sperry shoes (there penny loafers for rich sailors! Or at least that’s what the ads indicate) and she got her revenge when I walked into the kitchen sporting this number.  She quickly noticed a lone denim handle-sized strap on my rear end and did what any sister with some fashion revenge would do…pulled it!  If you ever happen to experience being led around like a dog with a collar on its butt I can totally sympathize with you now.

New Slang–Pickin’ On Series

The moral of this tale is: If you like to pretend you own a boat you can do that! If you want to pretend you paint barns for a living—-gosh darn it! you can do that too doll face!




Ugh ok I’m done! Thanks 🙂 They are just too fun.

In more important news: This one’s finally seen Frozen.  How did I not believe the sister when she said it was the best thing since the last best thing?! Ugh, for shame Rebecca.  For shame.

I was expecting it to basically be ‘Tangled On Ice’ so without giving it all away I’m just going to say go see it.  Then you’ll understand.  And you’ll Let It Go

…over and over and over

…in the shower…on the way to the library…in the gym….you’ll just Let It Go all over the place.

Jumping back over to the Tropics now.

Just this afternoon I was rolling pill-bug style on my bedroom floor on the sun lines from my window blinds thinking about all the sounds and voices going on.  The nursing village has a “hum” about it that’s become a strange comfort blanket.  The sounds of hairdryers, the bottom apartment’s vent fan, the constant window shaking buzz of the helicopter are all a bit dear to me now. *sigh* maybe it’s because this is the last semester pre-nostalgia but over the last week alone I feel like I’m looking at an old picture when I look at a group of nurslings.  Foreseeing a ‘Marius Moment’ on the horizon

OK, nothing more now, just a quick “hello” Love, Rebecca

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