District 13

Believe it or not I’ve been thinking about you lately!  And writing to you, though it’d always turn into a half-hearted flake of a note and simply not worth the screen space it would hold on your computer.  Then a few nights ago I began writing a letter to a friend, which ended up being a great set-up for a letter to you!  I think that says a lot about that friend, I was so comfortable pretending to be writing just to her that I was able to get off my boat and just swim a bit in whatever words spilled out! Finally.  What a dry spell! Eh, you’ve seen worse here for sure 😉

Well, let’s see here..pretty much the same run of the mill here. Which is a good thing, a few weeks ago a good friend was asking me how things were in Hershey/what’s going on in my life/how was I–all totally kind inquiries, so much in fact that I felt guilt that I had no news for them!  But, this particular person knew exactly how great the fact that I had ‘no news’ was!  It was one of those moments when we could look at eachother and laugh with honest relief and lighthearted understanding and appreciation for times when life is “boring”.  Not a bad kind, just things are beige.  Very level, no real severe upheavals or events—rounding out into a nice generally calm sea.  Saying that and knowing how we both appreciated the ‘smooth sailing’ lately was nice, and in a way it makes it easier to look ahead and not know when the next not-so-calm era is arriving.  Ignorance is bliss?  Haven’t always been a fan of that phrase but in this case I’ll cross-stitch it on some potholders for special occasions 🙂

Have you ever felt that “no news is good news” answer to the “How are YOU?” question?  I ask everyone and their imaginary pal this question (sometimes annoyingly so) to the the point they might tell me the truth one of these days with a matching facial expression.  You know how a person can give you an honest response such as, “actually I’m doing terribly and the sky is falling” but they’ll try to balance out the word content with a backwards facial expression? (I’m not saying I’m not guilty of this!  It’s not even a bad thing, just something I’m thinking about.)


Me: “Hello, How are you?”

Conversational Victim: “I haven’t slept in 4 days, I am unable to make tears anymore and I forgot where I live”

****This response is being said with a big ol’ smile or at lease an apologetic grin, as if displaying a totally opposite expression would neutralize the actual words?

Me: “gosh…I’m so sorry” *doesn’t know if it is more appropriate to manually rearrange their face to match their words or to pick them up and carry person to their place of residence and clip a “If lost and found, please return to *insert address here*” collar on them? 

Meh, that was way too much rambling about a silly conversational-ism.  If you are reading this I send you a peanut butter cookie of respect.

My roommates and I just celebrated the beginning of the last week of classes this semester with some extreme Christmas cookie baking and I feel like a ball of dough.  Because that was my dinner+some.  We are pretty strict about the Elf Diet here in The Hersh…


Seasons Greetings From District 13




–> In case this phrasing doesn’t make sense, I saw the Hunger Games movie last night…and have been seeing our nursing village as very similar to a district.  District 13 to be exact.  The district that was supposedly wiped out because of it’s rebellion, and not everyone is quite aware that it existed.  Penn State is basically Panem with all it’s campuses aka: “Districts”, with main campus being a total Capitol.  It’s got the whole deal-unpredictable and at times, costume-like dress, topped off with the party atmosphere and overall buzz. Wah Laa! Total dystopian nut country! Sometimes I feel like our visits from the president/dean of the nursing college are not unlike President Snow’s visit to Katniss where he threatens her to put on a better love-bird act, or else… (disclaimer: the leaders of the nursing program are kind ladies who are not evil at all or anything like President Snow! Their leadership positions simply match the storyline 🙂 Though the other week we did have a sort-of ‘Victory Tour’ where a bunch of nurse practitioners came into our class so we could ask them stuff and I felt like I was looking at a group of Hunger Game victors.  I digress.

Gosh, it’s like I haven’t written to you in months!!

You might need to laugh this week.  The least I can do is try to help:

“Too Much RED!” (this is a re-post link but I honestly haven’t not laughed while watching this yet!)

Finals Week, as told by Elf (a seasonal and very accurate of the next two weeks)

“The Princess Purse”    so I can stay warm and….look sooo pretty.

……….Channelling my own 2-yr-old self. LIES.  It’s my 21-year-old self.

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