The Essence

These Days–Dr. Dog

Lovin’ Arms–Wood Brothers

Wayside Back in Time–Gillian Welch

Yes, this day.  No shower could entirely cleanse my body after a Monday morning gastric-juice facial.  Bleach maybe. But nothing will really disinfect the mental scarring.  If you are not beyond grossed out now I’d say you should hop on this bandwagon and get your inner nurse on.

If I were to create a perfume of today it would be called:

Essence of Monday’ By Nursling

“Gastric contents laced with the whisper of painkillers and wounded pride”

Not clear as day?  OK here’s the tale. This morning I woke up at 5:00am after a night of disorientation sweaty wake-sleep cycles. *insert appropriate visual link* After adequately caffeinating  myself, verbally self-soothing my frayed pre-clinical nerves I boldly walked out the door to the darkness of Hersh, joined my partners-in-crime and scampered off to the hospital.  Made it to the floor.  Got patient assignment.  Introduced self with false confidence to nurse. Crossed my fingers and dove in.   “Ok, cool you can do X, Y, and Z…chill out Domico.  Yeah now we’re feeling somewhat capable.”

So the morning started off and I felt like my little lifeboat wasn’t taking in any water!  Until..the captain (Yours Truly) drove herself straight into an fully visible iceberg.  There is thing thing called the G-Tube. It is a direct connection between the outside world and a human stomach.  The stomach is where a lot of things end up.  Things that are better left unseen and unworn.  Among things that go into ones stomach are medications, and if a person is not doing the whole oral-route deal then G-Tube train it is!  This nursing student thought she was pretty comfortable with these Tummy Trains but to her horror she learned a tough lesson this day.  In the process of administering various meds via this train, I was pushing air out of a syringe before flushing the tube. The contents of this syringe, which I was holding with the tip upwards, was a bodily and medicinal cocktail.  Guess what happens when you evacuate more than the air bubbles?! And now I hope you can see the rest of this scene vividly without me re-living the rest.

Face. In The Face. In MY face.

Oh, and right in front of my teacher.

I’ve shut the rest out of mind for now, but I will tell you the end story was my face turning stone, finishing the process promptly (still professional here! *giving self a pat on the back for maintaining external calm, because inside was everything that is not calm in the world*) and my wonderful teacher trying to comfort my shocked self as soon as we left the room.  And in the end, all was well and my lab culture analysis has never been more thoureaugh.  Now I feel as though I’ve crossed the bridge and should wear the nursing student equivalent of a Purple Heart.  (Over dramatic Domico per usual! It was just an unwelcome facial spray.  Life goes on and  there will be less welcome fluids on this same person many times over in the future)

How was your weekend?

All of my darling roommates ended up staying in our Hershey Nest too so needless to say things were delightfully funky all weekend 😉  Saturday was the perfect rainy fall day PLUS bonus features of good tunes, the woods, deer,  and friends! On top of that my parents were in town for a wedding and were able to hang out with me Sunday–which is extra special because it’s not often that 25% of their children get them both to themselves 🙂

It’s midnight?  Why aren’t we eating stuff?  Lets go do that. 


Late-night car adventure to the magical land of “Nald’s” (or McDonald’s, but with half the sign lit up)




Morning-After-Nald’s Coffee Recovery


Sunday with the visiting Parental Unit 🙂


I think I got the best one

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