In The Pool

What makes winters lonely? Now at last I know.

I’m tired and so are you.  Why?  Because it’s Sunday night and the weekend was (hopefully) great because you got to see people you love and the sad part is you have to walk right back out the door about 10 seconds post-entrance.  Ok, not 10 seconds, roughly about 172,800 seconds. So now we are parked in my room listening to our melancholy melodies, remembering snapshots of the past 2 days and replaying a few in our head just to get one more smile before the picture becomes a file in our minds and the memory of exactly what we were thinking and feeling is dulled. Do you do this?  Re-think even basic daily happenings several times over while they’re still “fresh” because you know you’ll either forget the whole instance or it’ll become stale in a day or two?  You know what, I probably just spend way too much time alone and normal people don’t swim around their mental pond without a babysitter to tell them to get out of the water before they turn into a raisin.  So that being said I’m just a raisin now! Ew.

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but honestly I have nothing for you to listen to, eat, smile, frown, laugh, or think about tonight and this post was really my excuse to badger you before the week gets the best of us.  Ha, nice right?  I led you through a really gray paragraph with no lucky charms at the end!  What a jerk. 

Cool your jets-I have a little project for you before next time.  I want you to write a letter to yourself from yourself in the future (I can’t help but think of the scene from The Office when Jim sends faxes to Dwight from ‘Future Dwight’!!).  It doesn’t have to be profound, in fact maybe it’s best to write to yourself from next week, next month, next year, from you in 5 years! Go at it. What would you tell yourself?  I’m just curious.  Probably going to try this tomorrow. If you do this keep the letter and read it at the time you wrote it from.

If I end up being a mom someday I want to give my kid a box of letters when they move out, one letter from each birthday or Christmas (or some other yearly milestone, maybe I’ll just pick a date or month. And call the letters something like “The October Stories”.  





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