The Autumn Immersion (and other Crazy Stuff)

The Weekend Nutshell:  A good time to just lay low and get ZERO work done.

Saturday was exactly what the doctor ordered (and the nurse suggested in the first place hehe).  It was perfectly overcast and slightly chilly, with storm clouds hanging around all day.  The right day to sleep late, get coffee for enjoyment rather than dependence, and a refreshing life-pause into the beautiful Fall day on a mountain trail.  Then, to top it off, a finale of rainstorms, food and drink with more pals, and choice film 😉


Birmingham–Shovels & Rope

Yes I’m Cold–Chris Bathgate 

Morning Time–The Brothers Comatose & Nicki Bluhm





A time for some food and good drink with pals:




Ok, now for some funnies:

These videos! And now the phrases “we’re gonna add some craaazy stuff” and “add the MILK!!” are part of the everyday sounds here.  Most often applied when we really are going to combine some crazy (GOOD) stuff..


Add the MILK…


What I did here was give you a very potent brilliant recipe for the best witches brew pumpkin spice latte of your life. 

You are welcome.

We’ve got Monday tomorrow-how’s your week looking?  Anyone planning on some Color Running next weekend? I know 4 Domicos and a bunch of pre-nurses running through some rainbow dust in a week and it’s going to be a fine unicorn time.


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