Where Is Claire?

Right Now

It’s 8:50pm EST.  We’re sitting at the porch table emotionally exalting the most glorious summer weather day I recall since June. It’s that peachy sunset evening ushered in with a chorus of crickets and a slight whisper of autumn smell on the tip of the air (but just the tiniest bit!).  We are waiting for Claire to get her little feet home  and watch LOTR with us.  Because we think we told her that was the plan…but did we tell her?…Or is this one of those time we are the only ones aware of said plans?….


Maybe it’s not us.  Maybe it’s me. Yes I think it is just me.

This tends to happen a lot, I make plans with Claire and get all psyched about it but somehow it slips my mind to tell her.  Or, more often, I am totally delusional and could describe (and HAVE described to total strangers waiting for me to hurry up and make their latte!) conversations in great detail that I find out later—never happened. Heck, I’ve sent honest regrets to social invitations on grounds of plans with the Sister! This ends up with me sitting at home wondering where she is and not figuring out she has no idea of the events I’ve decided—Kray-Z.  

Well, at least I know my rapper/hip-hop artist name.

Which makes me wonder what other “memories” are total delusions…hmmm 

sometimes it’s best to shrug and wave!

Also, the dog is freakin’ out now over a dead rabbit in the yard.  Like he’s throwing is little self scratching against the door.  The only similar sight I can think of is Yours Truly when mom brings home groceries!

ANYWAYS, just a little shout out to you here, more in the works for ya later but in case you want a laugh (OR to make fake plans with me), I offer my delusions 🙂

Hope Claire comes home soon.  ImageShe will. She has to.

*picture is incredibly spot-on with the essence of last week’s Family FunFest 😉 Or, National Lampoon’s Domico-Domination Vacation (2013)


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