Burnt Mint

Welcome to Walk’s With Snacks! It was going to be the title of this post but ‘Burnt Mint’ sounded so much more elegant and less like a person blogging about food fantasies (even though that’s actually most of this place..whatever I try!)  So first, burnt mint was what I was wearing on this walk–minty toes and a burnt orange maxi.  Love maxi things, really they are too comfortable and I love walking swishily down the street without fear of a Marilyn-esque episode.


There is an organic food store within a short walking distance of 1/3 of my jobs to which I enjoy a nice lunchtime walk too every so often.  That means we get snacks too 😉  You know, gotta fuel up for that 10 minutes of moseying around.

My favorite of their selections is their trail mix bar, tons of great stuff and at good prices!  Dried figs are fast becoming my favorite.  Something about those greek-goddess pods send me. Image

Are figs even greek? hmm maybe they’re Roman or something.  Eh, whatever.  I still need to be wearing a maxi skirt to eat them.  Maybe throw some leaves on my hair…ta da!  Instant Artemis!  


Middle of June–Noah Gundersen

Love is Won–Lia Ices

You Got Me–Generationals


And to round out that Greekish Deity theme…

Oh.  Well not Greek at all, we’ve moved on to India-China-Thailand (?)

ANYWAYS this tea is one of the two total green teas I can actually stomach without feeling itchy.  It’e even kinda tasty.  Go ahead, try it.



“Time will do the talking, years will do the walking, time will tell you baby what you can’t hear now”–‘Time Will Do The Talking, Patty Griffin

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