Superman (DAD)

Let’s talk about Dads shall we? Well, I’ll talk about the best one I know.  

My Dad…

that man in the tree


…likes intense play



…is a life coach and personal cheerleaderImage


…a musician (and music teacher, not many dads can deal with the first 5 years of violin chickenscratch!)



…jumps into a van of teenagers to venture the Tennessee wilds (fact: both dads in this picture are pretty awesome.  Fact 2: both dads in this picture are named ‘John’.  Coincidence?  I think not.)


…is the Breakfast Master..Image


..taught us to love kettle corn early..Image


…plays WITH us..


…runs with us…




…teaches us about fire safety..




AKA he’s aways prepared for the house to go up in flames at any moment. I think this picture was taken right before he practiced the fireman’s carry on mom…normal evening at the Domicos!

…taught me proper ways to enjoy a glass of adult beverage… 


1 drink= however much is consumed at a family function

…loves the great outdoors…


….but most of all (and my favorite!) LOVES my mom!



Love you Dad!

Sending out thank-you’s and a Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!  


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