Big Bang Theory

Hey’yall!  The workweek is up and now for the long weekend of pre-festing for the best day of the summer (if not second best of the year..4th day of July!) who’s pumped!?!? ME!

I’m trying to show you some tidbits of this blogs real life instead of cheating with pintrest pictures, and nature-y pics.  Love those too but I especially like it when my favorite bloggers share pics of their everydayness, so here’s some cleaned up BlueberryLife!

I’ll cut the suspense, it’s more bonkers as you think. (!)   

Day life: (funfact: my favorite object in this picture is _______)

“I…I believe you have my stapler”

And that’s really all I’ve got for ya as far as regular day pictures, but below is my current favorite 21+ grape juice:  (it’s blueberry flavored of course!) It’s real nice, and good, and perfect for the summer–and probably every other time of the year, I’ll find out for sure on that and report back 😉



Can you guess??

speaking of blueberries…umm eyeballs or fruit? can’t tell.

You are smart and I am painfully into myself right now.

(sorry, give me a few hours to chill out).



Bangs. Bang bang bangity bangsy BANGS. I got them!

After times of angst and wonder I decided to taste the unknown fruit, drive into uncharted hair-itory. (full disclosure, I picked up some layers on the way.)  I’ve been going between two opposite ends of the salon-spectrum over the years, Cherry Lane (very nice awesome place but $$$$$.  It’s the kind of place you go if mom gave you a gift card, and you save it for a long time and can’t make up your mind on what you want them to do because you’re so excited to be there so you just end up getting a trim.  And wasting $.)  to Holiday Hair, which is as cheap as it gets, well-meaning and good for trims but not so sure on big hair decisions.  Sorry if this is super snobby, maybe it is and you should call me out on it.  But before you do that let me finish (please).  SO I’ve been open to trying new salons hopefully with the quality of Cherry Lane but at a non-gasping price.  My friend Rachel, (or one of my friends named Rachel–I am real lucky to know tons of amazing Rachel girls!)  recommended I try out Designer’s Denn on Calder Way.  I just got that kick today and called them, bam, got an appointment this afternoon and as soon as I hung up the phone I thought I had a new BF (they are that nice even on the phone!) Went to the place later and the stylist actually sat and talked with me about what I wanted done, I’d brought pictures of Elizabeth’s (from Delightfully Tacky) hair, probably my favorite hair of all time, and asked her if she thought it was an O.K. idea for my hair/face type.  The stylist was wonderful at explaining what would work and how she would cut it and I was still kinda nervous about the bangs and she talked me though each cut and I went from chin, to eye, to fantastic face-framing bangs.  I was so happily surprised with the look after she finished drying it that I told her I was sending her a hug from my seat (maybe next time I’ll just jump up and hug the lady!)  In a nutshell: if you are in the salon desert, come to the beach!  (Designer’s Denn) AND they give out complementary shoulder+scalp massages.  Just sayin’.

Bangs are in the top 3 most debated hair controversies (and I should make up statistics for a living). They are one of the few most un-reversable things you can do, even perms can be reversed but bangs..bangs are there for a LONG time and there’s no going back.  So I kinda made the most long term commitment one can make to their hairstyle.  Yikes. So, like it or not Beckster, you are married to these things till you have an RN after your name. And probably after that too.  *insert punched in the stomach noise*.  Turns out I actually dig them, and honestly I didn’t think I would.  (which makes me wonder why I spontaneously do things that I think I’ll hate or will make me miserable…hmm odd? yes.)  

First haircut in my memory that I’ve loved at first sight.  So if I continue on this path I should do pretty well if I move to Florida and marry my worst enemy.  However, one of those things I could never ever come even close to liking.  You know which. Image

One thought on “Big Bang Theory

  1. I loooooove Delightfully Tacky and have serious hair jealousy because her curls are so perfect. 😦 But I love your new look and the bangs are really working!!!! Designers Den is awesome…..definitely not a place that fit into my college student budget but it was always a nice treat! 🙂

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