Weekly Favorites

Morning coffee on the porch with you!  Good morning sunshine-face!  Not much to say today so we’re doing favorite things this week! I realized a lot of blogs I love to read do weekly ‘favorites’ and just share links, movies, books, foods/recipes, happenings they enjoyed that week.  Just for fun and maybe you’ll get your new favorite tune or youtube gem?? SO….


Let Her Go–Passenger: This is the first song I listened to today and it was the correct song, these guys are coming to Philadelphia on August 25th so check them out!

Fineshrine–Purity Ring, Punching In A Dream–The Naked and Famous ,  Help I’m Alive–Metric,  I’m No Superman–Lazlo Bane

Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies–finally found the recipe! (from Sally’s Baking Addiction) One of my roomates used to make these and they are….*select choice word* (there are no words.)


J.Crew Bathing Suit— I’m certainly not the only one who gets irked with bathing suit season.  Yes there are tons of cute suits out there but it can get difficult to find one that flatters the human pear if ya get my drift.  Over the past several years upon adventuring into bikini world I’ve stuck with the cheaper Target suits, which although are cute, wear out in a year and are not quite designed for bottom coverage.  So I’d been scoping out the scene of high-waisted, yet fashionable lady swim outfits.  Modcloth has some awesome suits but I never could bring myself to spend that much on a suit especially when I am not an everyday swimmer.  So year after year I looked and put this suit into my shopping cart all the way up to “place your order” only to chicken out and think about the nursing textbooks I had yet to buy.  This year I stumbled upon this suit from J. Crew:


…and went the whole way!  I went past the shopping cart and pressed “place order”! I still don’t know how I’d reasoned my way into doing that for a suit I’d only known on the internet for a day but never for those other suits I’d pined after for years!  It got here the other day (am I the only one who tracks UPS every hour for order status updates because I really don’t think online ordering is real or will actually show up in real life until it’s on the doorstep and you sing a Christmas carol??) With borderline nervous dread I tried it on and knew why I recklessly pressed The Button…it was The One all along! The fit and style are perfect for the pear and real nice and vintage-y cute! So if you are looking for a modest-yet-stylin’ bikini this summer here’s the winner.  *I ordered this suit in navy–loved the red but apparently everyone else does to and it’s sold out 😦  Whatever! I’m still within the July Dress Code 😉 

Office Space–I’m over watching this movie right now but it’s the white collar cousin of  Dumb&Dumber 🙂


The Office--finale was choice.

New Girl–I’m hooked on this show despite not being a Zooey Deschanel fan.  She’s cute for sure but she’s ALWAYS cute which is kinda unforgivable. Anyways, I may have cheered when her and Nick FINALLY got together.


Ill Mitch–current favorite youtube gem.  I can’t help but giggle, especially when Claire and I watch it together and  quote it mercilessly.

Youtube Pilates–In the last post I told you about my DIY gym, and it’s going pretty well because the internet exists.  Here are some of my favorite pilates workouts, they are actually quite nice and the teacher’s voice is soothing, which I like.  Pilates 1, Pilates 2

Elk Creek Cafe–Somehow I’m a local but never went to this place till this past weekend!  It was fantastic, the food, beer, and best of all the friends I went with!  Can’t beat that combination.

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