20+1 and The Rest

Imagehey…Hey…oh HAI! I am so pleased to see you here! Skipping the sob-story “oh I was sooo busy I just couldn’t write…”yeah. Sure I could say that but it still doesn’t make me standing you up any less un-classy. *insert Cone of Shame*


1. Turned 20+1Image

had a grand time…


…because although I spent the 21st Eve studying…

(pshaw! like I was a nursing student or something!)

I got to spend it with special people who made it amazing ❤ (and the most darling roommate who organized it all, affectionately known as “Mom” because she always knows when to make brownies and stuff like that.  Her emotional radar is fine tuned and way ahead of your crazy self walking into the apartment in shambles. Brownies already in the oven kind of radar…it’s amazing…and a little scary…but the amazing way..whatever she’s the best.)


AND as if it wasn’t already Peaches n’ Unicorns-I got a successful full arm hug from the Sista! *if it’s weird I’m so pumped about this hug, so happily captured on photo, you should understand that our hugging history is pretty dysfunctionally unsuccessful.  9/10 hugs involve one of us trying to decide if our emotional level warrants a hug, if that answer is “Yes” the actual approach is whole other can of worms. Sometimes one of us tries a ‘sneaky from behind you’ approach, but often receiver of that potential hug is unprepared and tries to defend herself only to realize too late it was a gesture of affection not an attack.  Even front-on hugs can go way off the road when one of us is unprepared and overreacts with either too much enthusiasm.  Either way, the hug is dead.  All re-trys are futile and apologetic.  SO this hug was a Birthday Miracle!!

kinda wish someone had thrown confetti in the air for this..it was a BIG DEAL.Image

Other News:

2.) I eat salad now.


with the same enthusiasm as this cat. 

3.) I gave up on the gym (springy weather means more people gearing up for that time of year BUT it also means I get a form of “road rage” at the gym every time my favorite elliptical machine, the one with the last fully-functioning TV! is occupied by a model.  How am I supposed to forget where I am if I can’t watch my stories?!?


SO I started a DIY gym instead.

It is called “Outside” and the ‘Living Room Floor Youtube Pilates Studio– No Rules, No Fear!”

**disclaimer, no I don’t run around the gym stink-eyeing all the fit people. Like your average mediocre fitness participant I do in fact play nicely and like the fellow gym-goers who happen to go a bit more often than myself (and who probably don’t go straight to the cookie jar as an appropriate post-workout dinner..hehe not that I do that ever.)

4.) Finished nursing school…


…for now…


Stay tuned for Season 4 “Senior Year in Scrubs!”

5.) This summer I’m working three great jobs!  I’m really blessed and lucky to have employment in such diverse places right now and co-workers who bring their fantastic personalities and humor to weekdays and beyond!

6.) Found out this is what the customer sees.  And a lot makes sense now!

“cafe-mocha-vodka-valium-latte to go? coming right up!”  

Well, can’t be going around making promises anymore so hopefully we’ll meet back here soon! So glad you came and hope you’re summer is looking good no matter what you’re up to.  Let’s go hiking soon ok? I’ll bring trail mix! (aka a bag of m&ms)  😉

Can’t let you go without some tunes,

Chief–Patty Griffin

Miss Ohio–Gillian Welch

Land of the Bloody Unknown–The Middle East

Don’t Wake the Scarecrow–The Felice Brothers

Ruby–Dave Rawlings Machine


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