Why I Like Prom

As a college student I think I have enjoyed the high school prom much more so than I ever had in my years of actually participating in the festivities.  Let me tell you why, and start on the foundational universal fact that breakfast casseroles are slightly ahead of finding a metered spot with an hour left on it in the scheme of great day things.  In fact they are even leaps beyond that, I don’t know how to describe how much appreciation I have for breakfast in casserole form so I will show you in pictures how I feel about it:


Second fact: my mom makes the best of these things and only does so for two occasions: Christmas morning and for sunday school breakfasts.  Since unfortunately graduating from sunday school breakfasts I have only been able to partake of casserole enjoyment on one of these occasions.  BUT that changed this year.  All thanks to the prom held last night, to which I am excessively pleased at right now (yes it is selfish, sorry but my mouth is full.)  How did the prom, to which I had no direct participation in this year, make such a significant enjoyable impact on my life???  Well you know what prom night means right?  It means sleeping in Sunday morning…and lots of leftover breakfast casseroles from sunday school, which are able to be fed to the nearest troll nursing student.  (And I am that Troll.) What a great Sunday! Everything is rainbows and red shoes. So thank you Prom!  Let’s keep the tradition going ok? Breakfast casserole TWICE a YEAR!  

And since pictures describe so much more than words, here are the visuals of how I feel after enjoying breakfast casserole for the second time this year:

Image Image

*more satisfied than an adult man dressed as a bear, and more gleeful than an infant in a plush shark suit.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Morning–The Velvet Underground

The Hobo Girl–The Fruit Bats

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