Why Bananas Are The Worst

First, the Tune List:

Rebecca’–Herschel Sizemore (come on, you know I had to share this one! 😉 

‘The Devil’s Tears’–Angus and Julia Stone

‘Orpheo’–Andrew Bird

‘Spiders (Kidsmoke)‘–Wilco (recently reminded of this song! this version isn’t on an album unfortunately, but the guitar rif he plays live here is perfect.  I’m over-listening to it now, so I’m worried I’ll be tired of it in another week. You know how that is? When you finally hear a song you didn’t even know your ears were craving all along? This is one of those.)  

The Longest Day’–Megafaun

‘Beyond the Valley of the Three White Horses’–Andrew Bird

5-year-old me would’ve never ever touched these pancakes.  My dad used to sneak bananas into our pancakes when I was little and I absolutely hated them!  Bananas and sweet potatoes are beyond reconciliation for me, I don’t care how much brown sugar and peanut butter fluff they are swaddled in–you cannot trick me.  I will find them.  So consequentially I’ve been averse to all normal breakfast banana foods since the dawn of kindergarten.  Bananas on peanut butter toast, bananas on oatmeal, bananas with strawberries….etc.  you name it and add that B-Word it’s automatically not edible.



Remember that Jack Johnson song ‘Banana Pancakes‘? Least favorite song of 2005. Image

 So naturally when I heard about this idea..

“oh look! more ways to destroy a pancake! no. No. NO.”
“well I do want pancakes….”
“UGH. ALRIGHT. fine. I’ll do it as a reminder for how much bananas are the worst.”

Banana Pancakes

1 really ripe banana

1 egg (in the future I will use 2 egg whites, which will probably make these a little crispier)

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp baking powder

sprinkle of salt

almond butter/walnuts/maple syrup (toppings of choice)

Blend the banana, egg and cinnamon together really well (NO CHUNKS. unless you’re weird enough to dig that whole chunky surprise in your perfect breakfast food.  I prefer them to be absolutely non-existant) then add the baking powder and sprinkle of salt.  

This will look like batter and you can make pancakes with it normally at this point.  Then do what you want with them.  I did eat them.  And my heart grew 3 sizes that day.  No longer will I be a 100% banana hater.  So now they will be added to the list of acceptable banana foods.  Those are: banana laffy taffy, and banana bread–and NOW these sneaky banana pancakes.  Next time I’ll play around with adding some oats/flaxy things to them for kicks.  And definitely chocolate.  Probably won’t even taste like bananas next time! 

Besides the brief pancake obsession this weekend had many other delightful happenings with it.  These being time with friends I haven’t seen in a while and friends I’m lucky enough to see quite often!  It’s bittersweet to realize the pattern of many good friendships is one where people you find living in the same square of time/place with you become these friends and then just as soon have to move on and the times you get to see them after that period of consistency are never enough! *Sigh* well that’s what makes them special I guess, when they come back even for a short time and they’re still able to tune right into the same mental wavelength 🙂 

Even better than pancakes?? The fun that cannot be un-done, that is being the street entertainment.  

some people really are “born to be a fiddler in an old-time string band” 😉

SO how was your weekend?  Hope you had a swell time, and a nice Easter celebrated with people you love.  

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