I needed a break from studying for my exam tomorrow in ‘Things That Fall Out Of Women, And How To Deal With Them’ (my affectionate name for the obstetrics/women’s health nursing class).  

Speaking of nursing studentship life and the Things That Fall Out, I had a very nice time with some of those little (4 month old) creatures in a recent clinical, however I do believe the reason babies develop “stranger danger” by their 9 month checkup is directly linked to their 4 month checkup..(where this nutz-o nursing student befriends them in smiles and playful foot tickles, complimenting their parent’s choices in baby socks, only to incinerate all shreds of trust in one sneaky moment of giggling turned to shrieks of betrayal…AKA 3 surprise shots!) cripes, I really don’t blame them. 

Trust No One. #4MonthOldProblems  

SO let us get back to work, and we both know how necessary some tunes are for the times, so here they are.

March Music:


Song For Zula–Phosphorescent

I Like The Way You Walk–The Donkeys

Hope You Know–Megafaun

Swim Club–The Cave Singers

Summer Home–Typhoon

The Longest Day–Megafaun

Old Pine–Ben Howard

California Stars–Wilco




And leaving on this quote from a book I’ve been (slowly) reading called One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp.  I don’t know about you but something about this time of year gets to me (or I let it) and just leaves a lot of worry and frustrated feeling.  Then “joyful living” seems like an antagonistic joke on a deflated human spirit. I guess sometimes it’s too easy to confuse happiness and joy, one’s always there and the other’s just it’s flakey cousin who shows up once in a while.  

“…the secret to joy is to keep seeking God where we doubt He is.”

–Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts

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