P.S. I Love..That Sparkle

Today in my english 202 class my teacher read a poem aloud (it was one of those letter poems and the narrator was telling their person something along the lines of they won’t leave them through this time they are dying etc…)

Afterwards she asked the class who the narrator was.

The first answers were along the lines of a person speaking to their lover, and other romantic positive images.  Then Debbie Downer (guess who this is) raised her hand-“it’s Death!” Death personified is the writer.  Ta-da! Turns out Debbie was right and this love-story poem was actually death’s casual matter-of-fact letter notifying the victim he’d always be there.

What concerns me is that where everyone else saw Cupid, Debbie saw the Grim Reaper.

Happy Valentines Day!  Here is the soundtrack:

When You Love Somebody-Fruit Bats

Age of Consent-New Order

Lover-Devendra Banhart

We Used To Be Friends-Dandy Warhols

No One Else-Weezer


Fidelity-Regina Spektor


P.S. I’m Debbie.

Despite what you might assume from above story, I do not dislike February 14th.  In fact, I rather like it.  Some of the funniest youtube gems use Valentines Day topic matter, (THIS. and yes, Ryan Gosling’s first instinct on meeting me would be to build a house.)  and tumblr explodes with applicable satire that just warms my heart with the glow of an overly-bright bathroom mirror light at 6AM.


Aside from these simple joys I like watching people carry flowers around, and I kid you not, those candy hearts?  I  love them.  Their pastel hues, recycled text, and especially that chalky explosion in one’s mouth when they eat a fistful.  *I’m actually serious guys, yes this would be funny if I were being sarcastic but it’s a real thing going on between me and sugar chalk* 

Today was a great Valentines Day, because the sun was so bright and invasive that all the magical sleet from last night rained from the trees in giant gobs all morning.  This was made quite magical while listening to this.  After a day full of watching guys a little extra dressed up carrying flowers, and then watching couples this evening holding hands walking out of the corner room (hey you know what? kudos to them for playing it up and going full out today because nowadays it’s more popular to hate on valentines day and mock it than to just smile and take the extra opportunity, no matter how cheesy, to hold you’re lady’s hand and be proud she’s your girl! (or simply tell people they are your valentine whether they like it or not.  Aka. your co-workers!)  So kudos to you guys who did that today.)  So all this hallmark-y heart festing did put me in a rather pleasant mood and to top it off I rode the my favorite parking garage elevator to look at the state college nighttime from up high.

Music: Kids On The Run-TMOE

There’s something so splendid about watching a town in action all at once, sure it’s not a city, but just standing on a level in which you can look down and around at everything around you is electrifying.  Watching cars drive around in other parking garages, people walking alone, together, the back of buildings (another thing you don’t often see in normal daily viewing), secret porches, lights from small windows, lights from far off places, the sparkle of tussey mountain, the anticipatory colors glowing through the BJC.  This would be what I’d call a little slice of wonder.  When you look at it bluntly I saw/did nothing special or notable, but it’s what you see not what you look at.  So it was an entirely wonder-filled day, and when I look at it more I feel as though it was a valentine from the Lover of My Soul.  It’s as if he allows my eyes to see sparkle where everything was dull, just a faint glitter-but enough to taste the gift of the abilities I have in that moment-to see the sparkle, a voice that can tell people they are your valentine, and the hands to bleed music when you cannot speak.  All in all, a humbling wonder time.  Hope you had a wonder-ful day! 🙂

You’re my valentine and cannot do anything about it!!





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