It’s a Cat Power/Feist night isn’t it? Sunday nights usually call for that reluctant-smokey-simple voice.

Sea of Love-Cat Power

Still In Love-Cat Power


1234-Cat Power

How Come You Never Go There-Feist

It’s the soundtrack to being of the cliff of another week, average in you know what’s going to happen but not quite how it’ll play out you know?  You’ll go to work, class, etc.. but the manner and nuance in which all these weekly routine tasks happen will be a surprise.  Hope you’re in for the surprises of a good sort this week, and that February is treating you kindly so far.  How was your weekend?  Did you watch a sporting event earlier?

My weekend was far from productive, but eventful and a welcomed quick dip into the outside world beyond state college (love it but haven’t seen the outside for ages seems like! you know that feeling?  Cabin fever but your “cabin” is a town?) 



SO where was I? Well mentally I was in World War I era England begging Lady Mary to come to her senses and tell her cousin that he is spottieottiedopaliscious (it’s even got a song…) It should be painfully obvious to you that I’ve burnt through more Downton Abbey episodes in a week than any sane person should permit themselves to absorb so quickly.


Physically, I spent 12 hours on a little road trip to Baltimore with some lovely friends!  Nothing quite beats good music and being able to just watch the scenery fly past you regardless of your destination or what the scenery is.  Just that sensation of moving through the scene itself, letting your mind unwind a bit to the music.


*sigh* ok I’m clocking out now but I wanted to say goodnight and listen to the tunes with you!

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