Friday In The 19th Century

I must apologize for lacking in the recipe dept. Originally I intended this to be mainly a cooking blog where you could actually gain something useful from-but instead if you’ve been around here you probably realized that my recipe posts usually end up being a compliment to a story.  My cooking nowadays is mainly pouring milk into cereal and panic baking (with the occasional lucky vacations to real enjoyment cooking-which I do try to document but all too often get swept up in another project. Sorry.)  I fear this will be the trend until I reach functioning adulthood.  Functioning Adulthood: passing NCLEX, moving to a place with pine trees, planting a garden that grows stuff for us to experiment with. The highlight of my week not being watching Mr. Darcy (for the billionth time) strut through that foggy field to declare his love for Elizabeth and finally get her to marry him. That’s how they all got proposed to in the olden days right?  Serendipitously meeting in fields while on an angsty early morning walk trying to get over each other.  


The movie just ended. *sigh*  you should watch it sometime.

*you: “nope. I think you are a bizarre nutcase with a fanatical obsession with unrealistic interpretations of early 19th century romance.” 

*me: well in a nutshell:


Maybe you are not as tickled by this play on carly rae’s classic, however I am and now I am done.

This reminds me, do you ever crave pop music with the intensity and embarrassment of craving boxed cake mix? *oh. um ok.  you don’t like boxed cake mix? or the radio? let’s pretend I have this friend who likes cake mix and katy perry…and she gets kinda excited when these come on the radio and she’s free to participate:





Happy Friday You. 

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