January Trolls

The January Blues (or the January-spring break) you too?

I thought about so many ways to cheer you up, one including a playlist matching a song to a bodily system (for example: cardiovascular system=Half Light II–Arcade Fire) but then realized I might be the only person getting much zest from that little project 😉  *you’re still getting it though.

The Cover Art:


The January Blues Playlist

Presented By The Blueberry Days Inc.


Twenty Miles–Deer Tick

Vice Rag–AA Bondy

Don’t Wake the Scarecrow–The Felice Brothers

Ashamed–Deer Tick

Priscilla–Sea Wolf

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight–Birdy (Cover of The Postal Service song)

Hero–Regina Spektor 

The Devil’s Tears–Angus & Julia Stone

Blue Skies–Noah And The Whale

Not your style? That’s just fine, lets try some pictures.

Starting with one of my all time favorites:



I just never get tired of it. You should try it!  Really, yeah stare at it awhile till you realize you have no idea what’s going on here. just sucks you in like fake magazines in the grocery line.
9710955417999701_5TaiYzGK_bPintrest said that dandelions look like this if set on fire.  However I quickly discovered dandelions are not a winter weed.  Or at least they don’t grow in the patch of dead grass in front of my apartment.  So…maybe next time I find one we can test this theory…come on. don’t be like that.  you will come.

LastSemesterFlashback! Sitting through lecture on stomach ulcers last semester and find out caffeine is a culprit. While double-fisting some liquid sanity. 

Tried this “craft” over break.  Decided I was really good at it so now 95%of my t-shirts are midriff-bearing…one of my absolute least preferred activities….only I didn’t put both of those together until after I was nesting on the floor in a graveyard of t-shirt tatters.  So, I guess t-shirt quilting is the next project.


I really have nothing else for you now, except for this face


Sometimes (in January!) we just become trolls.


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