You Smell Like Pine Needles..And Have A Face Like Sunshine!

Thanksgiving break.  Will be captured in pictures:


culinary art project!

A Ricer.  You won’t find it unless you find this.

After the ricer is befriended

–>harder than it sounds.  Make your friends do this while you leisurely stir sugar or something 🙂

Plants get to be pretty in life and death

Grammy’s Kitchen-the place you wish you were.  (I’ll send ya a postcard!)

I call this: “The (Sugar) Hangover”

“The Perfectly Textured Pancake”

There’s a definite ongoing theme here…eat much?  I do. 

What’re you’re thoughts on finally coming around to Thanksgiving and realizing 2012 will have jumped ship in a matter of weeks?  Well on the topic of Thankfulness, which I know every blogger under the web-o-sphere will be writing about in the next few days, (so I’ll make this short and sweet-but sincere) I want to write a little thank you note to the people of Monday-Sunday Life.  The family, friends, coworkers, bible study people, clinical group, classmates, that customer with their big-eyed baby (whom, if left unattended I’d definitely confiscate) among the many.

Pardon me if I’m sounding painfully gushy right now but lately I’ve been so full of appreciation for the people who deal with me on a regular basis.  I love their individual zest about them, the spice they bring to the table. So thank you really truly from the bottom of my left ventricle!

You’re the crayons to this coloring book, thank you for each one.

Hope your thanksgiving is restful, and spent in the company of people you love.

2 thoughts on “You Smell Like Pine Needles..And Have A Face Like Sunshine!

  1. Awwww I miss being home all week for Thanksgiving! This is the first year I won’t home (Ian’s parents are coming to us) so while I’m feeling a little sad, I’m also super excited to have a low key, no-travel holiday this year. Hope you are doing well my dear!!! Miss your regular posts!!

    1. theblueberrydays

      Yes, home (even when it’s just a few miles away for me haha, I’m sure you remember townie “going home” 🙂 is the best. Real food is so wonderful (and so is legally listening to christmas carols!!) I’m so glad you and Ian got to spend Thanksgiving in your new house-hope it was a wonderful day!

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