The Career Circus

Yesterday consisted of forgetting to stay awake and remembering things needing done within the next 24 hours.  One of those things was attending a nursing school career fair!  This whole idea of a career fair was a little shady to me and I had to google ‘business casual’ several times before I started to put together my impression of appropriate attire.  The end result=

my interpretation of ‘business casual’..was equivalent to a Hermione Granger halloween costume and surprisingly I was not referred to magic club or whatnot.

Whatever.  Ready or not, nurse recruiters her I come!  Take me home with you!

A summary of my thought transcript:

A resume….hmmm I’ve heard of those

Applications Asks for a reference, but it can’t be a relative, employer, clinical instructor or person who’s known you for less than a year.  So… do they want my mailman’s number?

I’m not all that interested in working/interning with ______ but I sure am interested in snickers bars….which _____ has scattered all over their table…*interest level increased by 10x

Hey I just met you and this is crazy but I’m a junior. Hire me in 1.5 years maybe?

Yes I want that pen.  And those band aids, yep. Thankyouverymuch.

this card is actually a secret mint stash?!?! These look just like melatonin.  

Entire day redeemed. These mints are amazing…

Some funnies:

How I’m learning cardiac dysrhythmias (give this vid a few seconds, Atrial Fibrillation at 2:52 is my favorite!)

Tunes: Lon Chaney–Vetiver (for that cold overcast day)

Fidelity–Regina Spektor (walkin’ down the street on a soft weekday morning)

Sweet Disposition–The Temper Trap   (walking home the end of that weekday)

 Maybe we (at least I should try) should remember this:

Best wishes to you and you’re week!  Oh sweet November. *sigh*

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