Who’s Sandy?

We are having coffee with Sandy right now.

And we’re discussing the pros and cons of building an ark vs. stapling a bunch of pool rafts together.


-looks classier

-there’s room for friends

-since the grocery stores are out of water we’d drink everything else.

-Extra wood could be employed as a campfire on deck

Cons: where are we getting all this wood?

…. essentially be a party cruise in ponchos.



-Not classy at all (but that’s part of the charm with this option)


-Important emergency safety features….can blow it up with glowsticks inside=glow in the dark! (I’d bet if Titanic’s lifeboats had this feature the Carpathia would’ve found them a lot faster)

-more economical to make than the ark.

Cons: this would be a one-man show.  Your friends would probably drown or have to build their own raft fleet.

Right now I’m leaning towards the Ark but let’s give Sandy a few more hours to convince me I wont’ just sit on the fire escape whispering:

“go ahead, knock me off Sandy…bet you can’t do it… “

*If I’m not hit in the face with a road sign by tomorrow I won’t be considering this a hurricane/tropical storm whatever you want to call it.

Stay Dry! Light your candles.

Hurricane Songs:

the glorious moment when you stand outside and it’s raining so hard you’re underwater but you don’t care!

its a good day for a hurricane eh?  Lets laugh till we lose power.

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