October Pt.1

Left you in the blue again there.  Might even be a record this time, month and a half!
*nervous laughter, wishing I had flowers for you or something*
So October was here and is about to leave for another year, lovely though wasn’t it?  One of the most colorful Fall’s I remember.  Hope you got out to soak it up.  Where have I been?
Mainly here.
In this nest.
occasionally making real food for dinner (not cereal!)
Kinda developed a chain smoking and drinking problem…
…as in every minute I’m here I light about 5 candles.
And go through about a case of seltzer a week.
I’ll write ya more later but here’s a ‘hello’ and ‘I miss you’ and good wishes for the happenings in your life right now.  And my back hurts from trying to type to you lying down so goodnight and go outside tomorrow before Sandy shows up.
But I’d never leave you without a tune, so here’s what’s running through me right now:

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