Where Did You Get That Fork?

Hey there! If you figured out what day of the week it is by now you’re already more lucid than I am.  Which means you’ve beat me to this:

So if you don’t mind grabbing another (and me too while you’re at it) let’s chew over this new album.  It’s not fully musically digested yet, but taste it, alright?  What’re your thoughts? (this link only takes you to one song, but I’d definitely recommend listening to the whole thing!)

From the album : ‘The North’  by Stars

On another note…

(I apologize. But not too much.)

If you’ve talked to me in the past month you’re sick of this

With these:

Try this!

(heck, go for a butter knife if you feel invincible.)

And best of wishes for your week, whatever you’re prepared and excited for and especially the potholes you don’t even know are coming (sorry in advance for those!) Regardless, you’ve got it. If you don’t then step outside and eat the first crispy Fall leaf you see.  Then you’ll have an itchy mouth to distract you from whatever was bugging you before.  You’re welcome.

Plus Autumn winds are sneaking into SC, so breath that in too.  (Sorry if this post is really bossy today, I care!)


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