New Dwelling


Shuffle—Bombay Bicycle Club

Ivy & Gold—Bombay Bicycle Club

Ah moving-in week!  The smell of cardboard, Styrofoam, rusty nails lying on the floor beside un-read instructions to set up a coffee table for the living room…..piles of unpacked kitchen utensils….empty bottles of san pelligrino water you’ve scarfed from the recycling bin at work because pintrest probably has some awesome idea to turn them into bird feeders or candle holders or whatnot…..(aka they are just chilling on your windowsill looking like misplaced recyclables).

Here’s the dwelling so far:

The Living Room.



The Wannabe Pintrest Corner:

Where The Sleeping/Writing to You Is Done. (and some schoolwork too)

The Closet With A Shower (or, Where You Can Brush Your Teeth AND Go To The Bathroom At The Same Time!…)

We Got This Place for the View (The Parking Lot)

HEY, just so you know, I love the dwelling so far, I make fun of some things because they add to the character of the place and I feel close enough to the apt already to poke some fun at it.  So when I start making fun of you consider it a sign of our growing friendship.


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