The Peach Storms

So after ignoring you pretty much all summer do you still feel like highs and lows?  I’ll let you mull that over, and while you’re at it I’d like you to mentally replay the past 3 months of your life.  (feel free to insert a soundtrack too!  That’s a personal preference, but if you know me i’ve probably asked you for a ‘song of the day’.  This is why-sometimes a song better explains your life than you can) How did you start?  Where did you go?

O.K.  assuming you didn’t spend the past 3 months in your laundry room without wifi then you definitely have a ‘movie’ to play in your head (AKA I do not accept “I didn’t do anything this summer” as an answer.  False.)  You’re different than you were 3 months ago, even if you don’t realize it.  If you erased that block of time I’d bet you wouldn’t be exactly as you are right now.

You’re not the only one either, that’s easily forgettable.  It’s easy to see you’re own layers and then to simplify other people.  Don’t ever simplify people, it’s easy to do though because it makes them easier to cope with. Simplifying someone is evaluating how they fit into your own life as an asset.  Not really appreciating people beyond what they are to you and how they interact in anything affecting or reflecting on you, your friends, your career, town, etc….

Maybe that’s fine too you, and I guess it isn’t unacceptable to view others in this way by the world’s standards and understanding of the human mind.  If we are animals then we cannot escape basic survival mode  in how we interact with other humans.  You cannot really be a friend then to someone who isn’t a friend back to you, or care beyond what they will reciprocate because that wouldn’t be fundamentally beneficial to your own  (social, mental, or physical) ‘survival’.  Which is why the idea of self-sacrificial (love) behavior for another being is so extraordinary, it does not make sense.  But I do think it exists, perhaps just not naturally.   It’s a decision you make and have to continue making if you want to experience genuine relationships with anyone, family, friends etc.  It’s not holding others to the frame you built them and if they don’t fit your frame, then disregarding their worth entirely.

When someone admits they don’t care quite so passionately for all forms of the coffee bean as I do I’ve got to take a chill pill and realize that that’s just one of their layers.  And instead of getting them to ‘see the light’ in coffee appreciation (which would probably be a waste of time, and a frustrating ordeal for all parties involved).  I’d do better to wonder what actually captivates them, tweaks their interest enough to care about.  That is called getting to know a person beyond your ‘frame’.  It’s seeing and appreciating them for being the unique creation they are, and the things they are interested in/good at/the way they see the world around them.  Hopefully they treat you as such but that’s not always a given.  We are in control of how we understand another person, and dismissing them based on their ‘failure’ to be what we want them to be is cheating and cheapening them.

A lot has happened to them to make them as they are.  Same with you.  That’s beautiful, and don’t you go dismissing a beautiful life.

It’s a beautiful thing to let go of your own expectations for everyone else and just see them for how they are valued (not by your standards) by the person who made them.  *again, I digress and am not telling/preaching at you, please.  You can appreciate people however you want, or just continue to push them into your frame, not my job to tell you what to think or do and I think that’s a good thing.  Think for yourself because you were given a brain with the capacity to do so.  Cheers.*  

ONE MORE THING, please?  It’s not even me telling you how It is I promise.  

How often to you look at the sky during the day, or evening?  While it’s still light out, because the night sky get plenty of attention (rightly so, it’s dazzling) but there have been some pretty striking visions right above us during the daytime when we are too preoccupied to notice.  It’s like we’re living under a constantly evolving ceiling painting.  It’s been brought to my attention that most people like sunny, cloudless days.  Hmm well that’s normal and healthy I suppose (not my favorite weather at all but do you know me? Normalcy isn’t the first word in your mind after we’ve had a conversation I’m sure.)  So how I prefer my sunny days–with a good dose of grey. Rain and clouds do something for sunlight that a clear sky cannot.  Clouds command your attention to the light by how violently the sunlight hits them and it can look like a bunch of fire-filled blooms.  Rain on a peach-colored evening is the best though.  Caught off guard outside, in a peach-colored rainstorm is dream-like.

They’ve been delightfully common this summer don’t you think?  These are the evenings that end in rainbows.  And I think rainbows have a lot more than pretty about them too.

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