Success In July

Yes, it has been a busy summer, hasn’t it??? I know I told you I’d never leave without notice again I lied.  I also told myself I’d never dye my hair again. Which is a future lie. (MOM: I will not someday never dye my hair teal with pink ends).

Have you been keeping busy?  I trust so, there’s too much to do. You have nothing to do??? Let me share a Success Story of someone near and dear to my heart.  She went from sleeping till noon, and making mocktails for breakfast……..

……to a successfully employed (and almost initiated hipster) barista!


So now we’re entering Season 2 of ‘Working With My Sister’ (season 1 aired a few summers ago at a certain sugary snowman-entrails factory)

Needless to say, I’m very excited to see where this next season will go!

OK.  So other updates:

1.) Spontaneous trip to see a James Vincent McMorrow concert!! In a park.  So we could meet him afterwards….and beg him to eat a cookie.  Which he DID. If I had a kitchen resume I’d put it on there.  “July 2012: Made cookies.  One of which was eventually eaten by my friend James.  AKA JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW. ever heard of him?? (just pretend ok? Here, listen.).

Post-James-Eating-Cookie Episode, there was even a late night Wendy’s parking lot picnic.  All together a splendid time with splendid music–but we all know none of those things are all that great without the splendid people (some call them friends, I highly recommend them!).

*McMorrow adventure photo credit to Hannah Lane 🙂
Hope July treated you well, but it was getting bloated with too much stuff happening so if you don’t mind I’d like to pack it up and open August.   Even better-August is coming in sounding great… Tomorrow….!!  (today.)


2 thoughts on “Success In July

  1. Awww I’ve missed you! So cool that you to eat cookie with James. I have never heard of him….eeeep….but I am on my to youtube now! Glad to see you’re back and enjoying whats left of summer!

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