You Only Live Once (The Words)

Stop it.  Stop cranking about the title being YOLO spelled out.  It’s not YOLO.  The title is the Strokes song.  That is the background music for this frivolous  post. No need to read this, no updates minus a good laugh on me if you need a pick-me-up.

Things I have done in the past 2 weeks:

1. Made pistachio no-bake cookies (pictures were not taken, why? What do you think they looked like?? Not appropriate for the camera.  BUT if you like pistachio things, you would like these.)

2. Tried this.  It did make my face smell like Christmas.  I’d recommend it for anyone else who’s in a Christmas-y mood by July. Then realized in gullible horror that I’d make shampoo out of dead ants and scrub it into my hair if pintrest says it’s a “DIY Hair Miracle”.  Paint my nails with superglue for extra shine?? Why not!  By this logic if you feel like laughing some more make up some weird activity, label it as some amazing DIY activity, put it on pintrest and wait till I find it.  Stay tuned for the next pintrest “I Cant’ Believe I Did That!” Adventure….

3. Awoke at the exact time I was supposed to be at work. So essentially I woke up like this:

#relatable post

–>On the upside (or more like, ‘Proof that Miracles Happen’ Side) still made it and opened on time! It’s amazing what you can do running on total panic.  I know you have had this experience before, we should get coffee sometime and you can tell me about it.

4. Spent The Most Romantic Holiday (Which we are well aware by now is the Fourth of July–CORRECT? Click on that link if you need a refresher.) with wonderful friends, explosives, wrapped up with some American street fiddling. I find it appropriate to apologize for my neglect here at not dedicating another post to said holiday, as it deserves.  But be aware it was a good one.

AHAHA, 4th of July greeting yes.

DESPITE the air around us this week, which was so thick and suppressing you could drink it.  But it would choke you if you tried.


5.  Found $100 in the sugar drawer at work, and promptly assumed evil was at work and some evil-doer was hiding money in the sugar!….Which I relayed to my boss in typical over-reactive fashion…made worse by being reminded that they’d given me a $100 to take to the bank for change about 10 minutes earlier…to which I then remembered stuffing in my apron pocket for the errand and promptly drowning it with splenda packets to go restock the sugar drawer…..see where that went now???  Yessssss.

myself included

(*that being myself here*) O.K. enough about me. That is quite enough.

You had the Fourth of July too right?  Was that a grand old time?  Also I have a question/request if you feel so inclined to participate.  What are your tunes this week?  I’m always throwing my tunes at you being all “This is what WE are listening to now-OK? *in a very “On Wednesdays we wear pink“-style voice.  So here’s your turn.  Maybe you could share a song or two this fine Monday?

4 thoughts on “You Only Live Once (The Words)

  1. Hi, you’re awesome. I’d be glad to participate in this request. Check out “Neon River” and “The Starting Line” by Keane. Or just the whole “Strangeland” album in general. It’s my soundtrack for this week.

    1. theblueberrydays

      hey there awesome lady yourself. I really like Keane-but am a really lame fan because I had not heard anything on this album yet! Really liking ‘Neon River’ though-thank you for the suggestion!!

  2. Tammy Domico

    Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Through This

    i love you every day……..especially on the sugar packet adventure days:)

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