Summer Comes To Springville (and State College)

Hello there, it’s Monday, and I have nothing for you.  Except the song inspiration for the title. Did you survive the crazy heat wave last week?  Yes I’m aware it is in fact summertime (almost July!!) and that it is normally quite hot around this time of year.  Doesn’t lessen the misery though.  heh heh

SO please, what are your tips for surviving being baked alive?  Please enlighten me.  It’s getting to the point where I’m google-mapping Iceland just too instill hope and promise of a cooler climate somewhere out there…followed by looking up apartments and jobs in the Dream States…which ended in hot weather music:

Wake Up (Arcade Fire)—NO.

Electric Feel (MGMT)—this is a 90 degree+ weather song.  Makes me want to dye my hair blue, wear neon, with glow-in-the-dark makeup. And then jump in a pool.  By the time the thermometer reaches this point, nobody will care what you’ve done to your face.

Houdini (Foster The People)–driving in hot weather, or walking down the street in 75 degree+ weather. “sometimes I want to disappear” to the arctic.

This Is Why We Fight (The Decemberists)—I’ll tell you why we fight, we’re fighting because your voice is creating more hot hair around me and with each fraction of a degree the temperature rises my general cooperation levels sink lower and lower.  Fix this.

Punching In a Dream (The Naked And Famous)–yes, this heat is “breathing life into my nightmare“.  Who can sleep in this heat??

Ruby (Foster the People)–not really a ‘Hot weather’ song but a recent discovery, Theme For the Day.

 curly hair problems

So while you’re thinking of ways to distract us from the heat I’ll tell you of a splendid thing.  Dirty creeks. They can be splendid if ventured into with splendid people.  This particular creek as of Saturday afternoon, let’s call it Spring Creek, smelled like B.O. and had the clarity of my thought process. Yet it was freezing and surprisingly deep with large underwater boulders to trip on–a welcome adventure for a sweltering June afternoon.  So now my car smells like B.O. and I get to blame it on the creek, not my unfeminine amount of sweat 🙂

Also, I’m baked out of my mind.

better lyrics than the original...

NO not that!  I’m baked out. Do you know what I’m trying to say?  I am tired of baking (The oven! Silly.). This week’s been a very scone/muffin week but nothing worth sharing otherwise you’d have heard about it.  Maybe it’s all this heat but in a nutshell, I won’t be using the oven for a week at least.

SO buttons. How’s your week lookin’? Any pre-high’s and lows?

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