Claire In The Kitchen (And A Graduate!)

I have this sister, just one actually, named Claire but let’s call her Joanne instead.  She is less than fond of applying effort into food-preparation.  Specifically baking, however over these past few months I’ve noticed a slight twinkling of light in her kitchen comfort levels.  There have been several sightings of willing cookie-baking and although much frustration and fear of the task at hand is loudly verbalized she’s still pushing her limits! Pride overfloweth my heart when these such events occur.

What shall we make today???  Cookies with a dash of Evil Eye!

They were very good cookies though…she’s developing a touch for these baked things.  Maybe it is all the frustration and anger-eyes she throws in there?  Whatever.  It really kicks them up.  I may ask for some angry-eye tutoring on my next batch of cookies.
I think she can take on the post-high school world now.  Fully equipped with many of the most important skills, one being how to spin sugar into peace and goodwill to men.  (maybe we’re somehow Rapunzel’s great great great……….etc. grandkids and have evolved the spinning skill-set?)

And another personal skill, this one, she’s got that too.  Which means she’s got it all. Set and ready to go I’d say!

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