Back In The 2-7

Apparently the ‘Burg has a gang sign now. It involves creating a 2 with the thumb and pointer finger of ones right hand and crossing it over the other hand, with complete 5 fingers showing. This is the 2-7. As in the Code. If you are from Boalsburg you know this.  If not, you do not need to know the code.  (as in the ZIP CODE). Claire taught me how to do it so I can represent my roots.  And by The ‘Burg I am referring to Boalsburg, PA of course! Where it’s at.  And they do Memorial Day like it’s their job. Which it might be, I do believe we claim to have given birth to Memorial Day after all…

Here are the musical selections of the weekend!  The themes I suppose.

Sparrow And the Wolf–James Vincent McMorrow

Eyeless in Holloway–Johnny Flynn

Shadow People–Dr. Dog (specifically 1:30 onwards)

Walkabout–Atlas Sound

Needless to say, Boalsburg was the place to be last weekend.  They’ve got everything from a carnival (for those who like fun I guess, not me.) to a real honest-to-goodness Maypole Dance (with pie and crafts in between!!!)  And the best part is the whole thing is like a rehearsal for the crowning glory of all summer festing. The 4th of July. My next favorite holiday aside from Christmas/Thanksgiving (I can’t decide if I like one or the other more).  Few things get me more wound up than blueberry pie, fireworks, and rompers sprinkled in patriotism! No joke.

There are also dragons.  Steve met one.

Here are 2 jolly Co-Fest-ers: *Note Allie’s face depicts exactly what we’re feeling regarding the insane humidity squelching us silly here*  It was like taking a day-long bath in your own sweat.  NICE…

They are peaches!  Fantastic Lovely Peachy-Fine Ladies.

And in about 2.5 months will be Fantastic Peachy-Fine Apartment-Mates!

In a nutshell, Monday was spent with fabulous people all around, starting with ‘Burg-Festing in the morning, to picnic-ing and creek walking in the afternoon and a campfire in the evening (complete with visiting horses, who did not in fact eat me alive as I was assuming they would surely try to do).  🙂  Such a lovely day,  I do hope you’re Memorial Day was filled with friends and good times too.

One thought on “Back In The 2-7

  1. Awww I missed Boalsburg this year, my first memorial day away from home. 😦 Although with the heat I probably would have been cranky if my parents made me go walk around with them. So maybe it was better that I layed on my couch in the AC all day. 🙂

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