Be Like The Sun, Burning and Still

Did you notice the sky this evening?  If you live in central PA I certainly hope you did.  You’ve seen sunsets before but few so melting and intense as this one.  There was actual emotional struggle when I looked at it!  If my arms were long enough I could reach out and touch it–liquid rose gold that didn’t burn my hand.  So in admiring this on the verge of joy-tears, being thankful for my eyes and every sense I was employing to soak up the view, this quote came to mind:

 Be like the sun, burning and still.

One of the best words of wisdom a friend’s ever given me. Thank you!  To be still, not rushing through your life or pushing for things to always go your way.  Manipulating people, and situations to work for you and to achieve that worth and love you crave.  Be Still.

 Being still does not mean being dull or lifeless.  Being like the sun, burning alive and dazzling, so bright you cannot do anything but radiate the light within you.  That light alone being not of you, but of a relationship within you. Not your “inner peace of mind” personal uniqueness, talents, or human relationship.  That kind of light wouldn’t be enough to blind a person to where they realize they never had sight to begin with.  No, a blinding light can only come from a perfect source, we aren’t perfect for sure, but if we are covered in perfect light then it will be blinding.  Burn alive within that light and be still and know it is not from you.  You can never gain more than what you have in this light, and you will not lose it either. This light is manifested differently in each person, never boring, always a new wavelength but with the same light never the less. The way you know to burn brightly will not be the same as the next person, but whatever you do, do it in the light.

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