The Good Monday

…is a combination of morning rain, really good coffee (let’s hear a round of applause for the parents, makers of delicious coffee even before you get up! Cuts the chances of eating the grounds straight up by 100%!) 

Good morning to you on this rainy Monday!  Coffee in hand, yes? Want to sit with me (and the coffee) and listen to some rainy tunes on the Taj-Ma-Porch?

*the Domico house’s newly built gigantic porch-castle, affectionately known as ‘The Taj’

A few tunes…

Romulus–Sufjan Stevens

Not Alone–Patty Griffin (love Miss Griffin’s voice, probably my favorite female singer.  This whole album is great.)

Mad Mission–Patty Griffin (can’t resist one more Griffin song)

John Wayne Gacy, Jr.–Sufjan Stevens (this might be an ideal time for you to go get another cup of coffee…. otherwise expect some waterworks from me all through this one.  But listen to the lyrics, especially the very end, so good.)

I’m Not Afraid to Die–Gillian Welch & Willie Nelson

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