My Mom (AKA: Paris)

Yes this is a bit late, however my mom is already more than aware of her eldest’s habit of being unfashionably late in almost everything.  Never too late to thank Mom though. 

This post is dedicated to mom, but I should also say that both my parents are pretty magically fantastic.  And funny. Image

You might think your mom is the best, but that is just because you were never my mom’s kid.  It’s not like I’m biased or anything…  My mom’s level of fabulousness is hard to describe so I’ll say it’s like Elasti-Girl (from The Incredibles), the mom from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Paris (the city), all combined with a bunch of other magical things into one cute sassy little woman.  

She’s Elasti-Girl because only a superwoman could keep track of 4 kids, ranging from college to elementary school, and being there for each one of them (even the 20 year old who seems to think she’s still 3 years old), work, keeps her kitchen a constant buffet of food for her insatiable clan by making the best food in the whole world (and a LOT of it).  She can move a Oh, and she still finds the motivation to be a workout queen before everyone wakes up (much to her eldest’s amazed puzzlement).  

She’s Paris because all roads have to travel to her before going anywhere else (at least in France they do, according to freshman year ‘Paris, the Anatomy of a City’ class.  All of which learned information not only confirmed my suspicions about the French, but also will for sure come in handy in the ER….?)  Few things are certain in my house but there are still a few undeniable truths; one being: Nothing will ever get done in in the Domico house unless mom has something to do with it.

And she’s the mom from My Big Fat Greek Wedding because she can read minds and knows what’s going on. At least she usually reads my mind before I get to. She is also very talented at knowing when things are not good.  Careful when you’re under the Gaze, she knows it all.  

It seems that the older I get the more amazing Mom becomes, so maybe next year I’ll have a more worthy description of her fabulousness because this isn’t anywhere near being fully accurate to my wonderful mother.  

Thank you momma for everything you do, continue to do, and for being the beautiful woman you are inside and out.  I will be a darn lucky girl if my sparkle can be half as blinding as yours already is. 


Much Love!


One thought on “My Mom (AKA: Paris)

  1. Tammy Domico

    You precious child….i am completely honored and humbled by this post. PS–i like the use of “sparkle” in reference to me:)

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