The Summer Bucket List

Do you make one of these lists too?  They are kind of fun, just list all the things you’d want to do this summer and that’s your project for the next 3 months.  Though in real life we both know most of it’s wishful thinking and your summer will be 50-90% full of working, taking classes, and preparing for the Fall.  How sad it is but come on, probably reality.

“gosh, thanks for your uplifting summer pep talk, Rebecca, we really appreciate you raining down gloom on our sunshine!”

Well if you’d pay attention here you’d know that I don’t even like sunshine. So there.

My recent return from the far south reminded me that although beaches are great, I am a true gloomy weather girl at heart.  Way too much sunshine down there, most people seem to like it (which is probably the normal response to vitamin D) and I do enjoy a good 24 hours of intense gold pouring from the sky onto my head, but that’s about it.  Even being separated for only a week from my cloudy grey haven of central PA caused some tingling in the climate department of my heart.  Laying in my bed now  listening to it pouring outside, basically the sky hugging me.

So, your Summer Bucket List.  Get out your notebook we’re working on it now.  Set a reasonable productive goal for yourself (ex.” don’t get fired from my job” or simply “Do Work.”)  Then set a whimsical but do-able/crafty adventure (ex. “sleep in a refrigerator box outside one night. listen to this one! There’s no relation to the post but it’s on my recent auditory joys” or “figure out how to make fire green” or “decorate a tree in the woods.  Then later on get a tattoo of that tree on your foot.” ) Then a completely dream-sical wish that may or may not be a real thing but it could happen (ex. digging up your backyard for dinosaur fossils…)

I’m still working on mine but would love to know fellow dreamers are out there imagining away too 🙂 Have fun, and buckle up.  But at same time don’t we know that in the end it won’t be our plans and dreams that build us and refine our character, but how we live in the unplanned ones and the broken/uncertain dreams that’ll be the richest colors of our picture.

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