Blueberry Weekend

A real good one I must say.  Top notch, quali-T.

Saw the Avett Brothers concert and realized I hadn’t lived till Friday night.

(also somehow ended up experiencing my first rap-concert experience via Ludacris **Well, he called all the beautiful single independent ladies out and I had to represent!!! Then he asked us to go on a plane with him.)

Though they played many of my favorites, I may have had the most fun with this song’s performance.  Been stuck in my head since Friday. 

THEN Saturday (after waking up in sorrow that friday was over) I had the special privilege of seeing my grandparents renew their vows! (50 years!!)

Congratulations Grammy and Coach!!

Can it get any better?

Apparently so.

I still have the most amazing friends even after pulling a crazy person attitude all last week on them.  Beautiful delicious lemony-raspberry-blueberry birthday cake!! Spring in cake form. Thank you so much Allie and Emma!! You are darlings and I don’t tell you enough.  Oh yeah then Emma introduced me to the ‘Young Victoria’ movie and tears of joy were shed.

what did you say? you mean to tell me….FINALS are this week?? oh. O.K. So it all makes sense. That is why the weekend was so good.  Pure misery and fun-eating to balance out pure delightfulness and fun-having.  Have a good week! Cheers! 

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