Musical Heat Strokes and The Woods

Hello there! Hope your monday was thrilling and that you didn’t have a heat stroke.

How was your weekend??? Hmmm? Don’t go wastin’ these April weekends on too much productivity, go hug a tree or throw rocks at other rocks in the woods.

This past weekend I had the splendid opportunity to go hiking around the fairy-waterfall land of Rickett’s Glen!

Maybe you should go there sometime…

…. and take me back. Please.

Also, you see that vision of adorable fun-tastic loveliness up there?  Her name is Allie (and this is her blog!)  She is basically a combination of a personal psychiatrist/therapist, super-chef, co-worker extraordinaire (pretty much ran NASA last summer), temporary-tattoo artist, and many more innumerable talented lady!

She is one of the brave victims people living with me in the same hobbit hole come August…!

I am way thrilled about all that.

“It’s Too Hot But Today Is Still April-Pretty” Musical Selections:

Shangri-La (M. Ward)–ah what a spring day of sun! Even though I don’t like sunshine.  This is still kind of acceptable today since the flowers need to be radiant.

Epistemology (M. Ward)–ok this is not a spring day anymore.  Today is just hot.  Note* don’t even try to put anything on your face (it will melt off.)

Nantes (Beirut) –Had the luck to hear someone play and sing this in real life today 🙂 Oh happy.

Santa Fe (Beirut) –It could be worse.  Santa Fe is probably hotter than here.

Cannons (Youth Lagoon)–That point in your run when your so over-heated and parched for water that everything is in slow-motion but other than that it’s all peaches.

Backwards With Time (Avett Brothers)–yes, you are loosing your mind.  It’s so hot that your brain cells are passed out.

And I’ll Leave You On This Note:

(which is how I’ve discovered Spotify, a new enchanted woodland trail to frolic on, found my mint nail polish, decided everyone is getting hitched now, and made cinnamon-banana chip-peanut butter trail mix….all within the past 24hrs.)

‘Hyper-Avoidance Activities’; brought to you by Penn State School of Nursing.

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