The Funny Pages

Remember reading those?  My favorite comic was tied between ‘For Better Or Worse” or ‘Mutts’.

If you read the Mutts comic you’ll be familiar with the Little Pink Sock fetish Mooch has.  He cracks me up-and I think he may be my comic character kindred sprit.

So how about you? Anything funny lately? Share it with me-we all need a good clean laugh at least once a day.  Maybe a little picture/song/video that cracks you up every time?  Here are a few of my all-time favorite youtube hilarity-hits.

No. 1  “They’re playing….footgame.”

No. 2  “Back off Philistine!!!”    this one is probably a crack-up to me because I’ve said at least 50% of these, probably in the same tone of voice. 

Now for some picture/comics of laughing:

I don’t understand this last one, but I laugh every time.

It will be framed in my future dwelling place.

5 thoughts on “The Funny Pages

  1. Dave

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Pearls Before Swine comic that wasn’t funny. I’d never seen this one before, but it’s the first one I could find that was big enough to be legible. Enjoy!

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